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111 reviews

Hello Fiverr users.

I am here to share with you our story about how we reached our first 100 positive reviews.

We’ve started in March this year. Our first goal was to make our profile look professional and originally. We’ve put a lot of effort in creating the gigs,descriptions and portfolio . Everything was ready in April. And there we go, we received our first order and the journey BEGINS .We have started to look more serious at this AMAZING opportunity(Fiverr). Our first month was really hard .We had 2-3 orders per week and this was it. Then we got our 1st Level Seller Badge. We were happy so we started working harder and BOOOM 2nd Level Seller Badge…Lol we were sooo happy about this. We’ve got more orders and we were more and more motivated and excited about Fiverr and for achieving our goal - 100 positive reviews.

We’ve got 111 positive reviews only for 5-6 months. Now our main goal is to get 500 positive reviews and to continue working with one of the best customers in Fiverr and to help them achieving their goals. Now we have a lot of work and projects onto we are working and we are so happy .We will give you an advice. NEVER GIVE UP if you don’t have any orders . Just continue using Fiverr and you will be suprised how one day this OPPORTUNITY can change your whole LIFESTYLE!

Be happy and have a LOVELY day!!!


Getoffice Team!

Congratulation and best of luck for future :slight_smile:

@haris_hassan thanks a lot dude!Good luck to you too!

congrats for your success :slight_smile:

@webexper1313 Thanks !