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111 sent offers with no order! what I did wrong?

Hi guys, maybe you can help me here. I have sent 111 offers on buyer request with no order on the results. maybe I did something wrong, maybe you here can help me, please share your insights.

This is what I do usually when buyer request arrive:

  • counter their issue and make a brief explanation of how I will manage to help them with my services
  • make a brief story of my expertise and my achievement in the past that will help them make a consideration before order
  • that’s it
  • I notice that I rarely put links to my past project, do I have to?

thanks in advance

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to be honest when you have sent a hundred more offers with zero orders on the results, it kind of make me NOT as excited as I used to when replying buyer request

Perhaps your offers are too long. Your backstory is for your profile. If a buyer sees a 3 page essay in the offer they might just ignore it and scroll past. Make your offer relevant to the request but also short and sweet. Get to the point of what you can do for them, they don’t care if you had a brother called Dave that first taught you html after you saw your first website in 74"


Send us an example - I am very happy to look at it.

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an example should be helpful for us

I have seen your video and I am ready to deliver those one alike video for you, just send me the raw footage, intro, outro, anything and boom you will have your video edited like a pro! I accustomed to edit video for my client and make the video generate more watch time. thanks

Hi, this is one of the sent offers I make today. thanks, highly appreciate

thanks for your insights

cutting and place a footage video and make the whole video more meaningful is what I do daily for my client. I do much welcome any suggestion and criticism, I know that other people has different perspective which I must respect especially my client. Your increased watch time metric is my primary goal. I also know that placing non copyrighted music to your youtube video is really essential for the present and the future of your video. I am very exicted to start on this project, contact me further to discuss. thanks

Hi , this is another offers that I sent. highly appreciate your help. thanks

I suspect your poor English writing is contributing to the lack of replies to your offers.

You could also look at formatting it a bit more, give it some clear structure.

Perhaps you could invest in a proofreading gig yourself to review your gig offers. Then you would see the difference in what you originally wrote and the corrected version.


Such letters always look so general.

If I get something like that, I also don´t answer.

Why don’t you start with a question about his request?

Something like that binds a reader.

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Both your offers look like templated messages (not one word about the specific project you’re bidding on), which only makes it 10 times worse that they are riddled with grammatical errors, bad phrasing, and misspelled words. If you’re gonna go with generic, the least you can do is have a correctly written message.

If you are so “exicted” to work on the project that you misspell the word “excited”, maybe I don’t want to work with you. That’s too much excitement for me, I can’t handle that level of excitation.


wow did not expected that coming, thank you very much for your insights

thank you very much for your insights. I’ll try to fix my english

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English communication is by far the best skill to have to be successful on this platform (where at least 75% of buyers are either english speakers or expect to communicate in english). Better communication is the prime factor to be able to increase prices, decrease cancelations, get better reviews, get better buyers, etc. I’d say it’s even more important than the hard skills in whatever field you’re in. And that’s a big part of the reason why meksells are a lost cause. If you can’t communicate, any advice is pointless because you won’t understand it.


Do you mean by politely asking more details view of the requested project? And continue explaining about the possible solution?

Just ask the questions you need answered to know if you’re a good fit for the project or not. Drop the “politely”, that goes without saying. Saying it sounds suspicious. You don’t need to explain anything either.

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I am going toward to fix my english communication skill. Hope I can do it :expressionless:

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Okay, but I still have to explain on how I can handle their delivered issue, right? And what about my expertise, do I need to state it on the offers?

I don’t understand what this means. Delivered issue? Makes no sense.

I think everyone is missing real problem.

Dude, you are claiming you have 10 years digital marketing business…

And you can’t even get one sale on Fiverr.


“Over 10 years we help the business like you overcome social media and digital marketing challenges”

Gig video:

“I myself have been optimizing ads campaign of different kinds of business”

I will be brutally honest, your service look like fraud and it is fraud.

Change my mind.

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