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12 days ago i am join in fiverr


I am joining Fiverr 12 days ago but I am a lot of time spent Fiverr forum and my gig share social media but I have no order my gig. I am very shocked because I have no order. So, please help me and give some tips, how can I get a lot of order my gig.


Apologies for the last post. I opened the wrong Gig. Thank goodness you’re not the seller I just looked at! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway… The WordPress niche is incredibly competitive. If I recall correctly, it’s the most competitive niche on Fiverr.

Your profile says you’ve been quite successful on another marketplace. Can’t you apply any of the things that made you successful to your Fiverr business?


Thanks for your response


After reading your topic description, I’d suggest you to improve your English. And there’s huge chance that there’re lots of grammatical mistakes in your gig description and it’s not professionally written.
If you can’t do that…ask someone to help you to proofread. *Buyers may judge you by your English.

This is the first step, after that you can move on to rank your gig, get impressions, clicks and orders. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry you will have your first order very soon, there are many sellers who waits for months to get their first order. check this will helps you…


This right bro.
Thanks for your response.


Thanks for your share experience.