12 days and 2 orders (First Month)


Happy to work on fiverr.


Happy to dance on fiverr.


First month and 2 orders

Really? I don’t see it in your profile.
@anamariaedan, Perhaps.


@taverr Maybe his orders got marked as complete automatically :grinning:


Good, But Ain’t that good. Way to go Man. Don’t just sit back and relax, if you want to earn here. Fiverr is sure a home based job, But it requires effort more than the corporate jobs, As those jobs have a certain time limit for ON and OFF, and fiverr is 24/7


Congrats! You rock!!!


Well done and step it up!


Lol come on and check my profile. :'D


How you can say that?


Like seriously? Oh


Thanks all of you guys.


You didn’t have any reviews when we checked your profile. :slight_smile: I can see you have one now.


So, why don’t you have 2 reviews on your profile?


OH! Come On Guys. Leave him be :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, not all buyers leave feedback, so maybe that’s why. :upside_down:


Yeah you’re right. :smiley:


She’s not casting aspersions on you, she’s actually stating that the system automatically marks the orders as delivered after 3 days even if no one left a feedback.