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12 Days and 42 orders...Level up at 50?


I’m new to the fiverr gig community, and loving it so far! I’m just really curious to know if I’ll get to skip level one and go straight to level two here in a couple days, even though I’ve only been a member for a couple of weeks.

I contacted them and they were strict on me not being a level one until i’ve been a member for a month, regardless of the number of orders or 100% feedback rating, does that mean i’m SOL till 30 days still?

I’m not sure I understand why I’ve got to wait 30 days, I feel like I’m missing out on so much income its ridiculous.

Anyways, any feedback from you guys would be great!



I changed the category to tips for sellers because I couldn’t find the answer anywhere and I know I can’t be the only one looking.


Thanks for the response, though not the answer I was hoping to read! It’s a shame, I didn’t come to fiverr for $5 a pop, I came because I saw the potential with the extras and knew it would be a good platform.

Why do they have the restrictions of a month? Why not just sales and rating? I feel that tells more than the time you spend, especially if you’ve been doing it awhile and know how to promote your gig elsewhere to drive traffic- it just leaves people like me out to dry waiting around to actually make money.


They have payments restrictions so that people can have the money reverse period of the paypal. And level ups are designed in such way that genuine seller can pass through with patience, which spammers and scammers can’t. If there were to be no restriction on level 2 and level 1 benefit, any random blackhat scammer can get in and manipulate the system. Most of the rip-off folks are impatient to make money, they have multiple accounts and copied gigs. they often fail to keep their level 2 status anyway.


Everyone must suffer because of the evils of a few… Ok makes sense. Thanks for the response!


But I have to throw in that patience is for those who aren’t doing this for a living. 1 month is enough time for someone to miss their bills, and 2 months can get you kicked to the curb.


I feel ya. I had enough sales and positive reviews to be Level Two after only 2 weeks of being on Fiverr. It is really hard to wait especially when you know you’re so close to levels and you deserve it. I had to wait for level 1, and I almost have gotten 2 months under my belt to achieve Level Two. I know its terrible thinking that you’re missing opportunities for more money, but you just have to try your best to get people to order extras from you by ordering more gigs. I know it’s a pain in the butt, but if they like your work, they’ll go through the extra hassle. Once, before I was Level One and could offer multiple gigs, I had a buyer purchase my gig 20 times so that he would be able to pay me. It was a pain for both of us, but he liked my work so it was worth it to him :slight_smile:


Reply to @cassysailermoon: Yeah I didn’t find out that I could ask them to purchase the gig multiple times till yesterday! So I’m at least happy to know that if they want the extra services there is a way!


Yeah, as others have mentioned you have to wait 30 days. I think the 30 day thing for new sellers is for fraud protection for buyers. This on top of a 15 day waiting period for withdrawing funds giving Fiverr up to 45 days to determine the validity of the user if they get a surge in volume of sales. I think it’s a good placeholder. Not exactly preventative, but a good thing to have in place to help weed out any potential fraud on Fiverr. That’s my thought. I suppose it as MadMoo has said is a good way to help ease you into how Fiverr works.