12 Days of Giveaways - Win an Apple Watch Sport!


Hey all – today is the last of our 12 Days of Giveaways! For your chance to win, subscribe for forum updates, reply below with the one thing you’re looking forward to most in 2016 (max 100 words) and fill out the form at the link below:


The sky is the limit, so feel free to let us know what you’re excited for next year!

This thread will be open until 11 AM ET on Monday, 12/21, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to win this awesome prize!


What I’m looking forward to most in 2016 is reading the many happy and satisfied buyers leavings reviews for my gigs :slight_smile: I’d like to help as many people as possible in which every way I can. That’s my goal, to help as many people as I can in 2016! Thank You!


My main goal for 2016 is to be happy - in every way possible. That includes finishing up my university studies of graphic design, which also brings me to Fiverr, as I have many plans of growing my business on Fiverr in 2016 with new exciting Gigs and projects! I hope to continue to work with all of the great buyers I’m currently working with, and to attract more and more buyers looking for graphics and designs!

That sums up my goals for 2016, oh and I also want a pet dog in 2016, Good look to anyone participating!


My main goal is to stay positive and try to give other people that feeling :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to finally having a reunion with my entire family! It’s been 20 years since we have been together and this year could be the year!


I am using fiverr since 6 months . It is a best place for selling and buying our skillful works …
I’m looking forward in 2016 to become a super seller :smiley: … I want to create a good relations with my buyers , and help them out … I want FIVERR should minimize the balance clearance period :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to many more diverse and creative briefs to work on from my amazing clients!


As a Nigerian residing in another country, things I’m looking forward to are numerous. A citizen-friendly policies from my government, a stabilised economy, fair trial of people awaiting justice, prosecution of corrupted officials, security, and equality.
Personally, I’m looking forward to a terrorism-free 2016, a 2016 where there wouldn’t be any terrorist attacks; a 2016 where getting good grades at school would be much more easier; a 2016 where peace would reign; a 2016 where my best of 2015 will be its worst; a 2016 where I can easily help others; a 2016 where love, justice and equality shall prevail.


Just positive reviews. I want to keep all clients happy with my works, and make new relations with new buyers. So what I’m looking forward to most in 2016 is to get the top rated badge.


What I most look forward to in the year 2016 is becoming bigger and better in everything I do. Becoming more successful, creative and ambitious and to try new things and take new opportunities when presented with them


I’m looking forward to be TOP RATED SELLER in 2016, and I’ll be happy to see much more improvements. Happy 2016


Looking forward to new Fiverr customers!


I am most excited to try and find ways using fiverr to make some extra money. And to meet my new nephew or niece.


I’m excited for opening my own company in 2016.


This year was a bad bad year for myself, mom-in-law past away, own mom have cancer stage no.4, closed down a business, even this month my iMac broken down due to logic board problem…

Thanks to my fiverr income and upgrade to TRS this year to keep me surviving, without Fiverr I’m really unable to passing these hard time.

I really hope 2016 is a fight back year for myself and my family. I wish everyone get healthy and prosperity!

I used to be an Apple fanatics for a decade but due to having hard time, I didn’t purchase any new Apple products all these 3 years already, my wife wish to get an Apple Watch for her work hope I can fulfil her wish.


Hope in 2016 i will be a level two seller .


I would like to meet the CEO of Fiverr and ask him awkward questions, maybe give him an Apple Sport Watch, to help him with timekeeping.

EDIT: I know a lot of you are bedazzled by the free expensive watch, but you’re responding in the wrong place. Follow the link buried in the post…


i will work hard. will live life with full of happiness. Say thank you to 2015 for giving me so many things. i am excited for 2016 to try new work, new possibilities and facing challenges.

Hope everything will be good in 2016.


I am most looking forward to buying a new house in 2016.


I look forward to being raising my baby boy who is due on Valentine’s Day! He’s my first, and I’ll be a single mom… But I could not be happier! He truly is a blessing and 2016 will be a fun and interesting year!