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12 orders in my first month

Hi, hope this note finds you all well!
I wanted to share with you how my first month on Fiverr has been. I joined back in April, exactly a month ago and I’ve done well, I’ve completed 12 orders and received only 5 start feedback. However, it’s been 10 days without getting any new orders. I am getting very worried. Is there something wrong with my gigs?

Could you check them out? :slight_smile:
Thank you!!


Use keywords in description

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don’t worried. Hope you get order soon.

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Hope you be doing well…!!

I will recommend you to share your gig on social media, so that your gig get impressions. The more your gig gets impression the more chances of orders.

Keep looking in the buyer request , there are many times we miss projects by not looking into the buyer requests.



Where do you share it?

Facebook groups and forums?

Yes share in different Facebook groups

I hope sharing gig link on fb group and forum helps. I just started yesterday but I am happy to know that you got 12 orders when you started. If you could take a look at my gig and give me some feedback.

@shalakagadgil First of all, don’t fall in this “post social media” trap, it is not proven to be of much help! Ok firstly, you are going to write article blogs, and you can’t even spell plagiarise? There’s spelling errors in your thumbnail such as “plagiarise”, your thumbnail isn’t the best and that description is extremely short!! Please offer something that you are good at, I would never want to buy from a writer who can’t even spell “plagiarise” correctly.