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12 Smart Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2016

YouTube is currently the leading platform for Video-blogging and marketing, and being a free and platform by Google it is loved by me and by many others including you.
Get More Subscribers on YouTube

  1. Produce highly engaging Evergreen content
  2. Increase your uploading frequency
  3. Give your creations offbeat names
  4. Make the most of channel customization
  5. Personalize the video thumbnails
  6. Create an engaging channel trailer
  7. Make use of ‘Call to action’ annotations
  8. Use ‘Subscribe’ buttons on your blog
  9. Limit the videos to under 5 minutes
  10. Use Youtube Intro & Outro
  11. Optimize your video descriptions
  12. Make the most of meta tags

…and how does this help people on Fiverr, exactly? Not to mention these tips are hardly smart, more like “day 1 of my internet IM journey”.

I rate this post 1/5. Much like your single customer–deleting the gig doesn’t delete your reviews!