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13 orders in first month

Hi, friends, I have started Fiverr in November 2019 but didn’t give concentration to it. I finally get back to it in the end of April 2020. I finish 13 orders in this period of time. I am too happy with this let me know how many orders you people completed in first month.


I completed 0 orders in my first month. :smile:


Its ok :joy::joy: We can understand… Even I’m new here and feel the same. But your this reply made me laugh so much. Thanks for making my morning :heart:

Congrats and keep it up :+1: Also, you are very lucky to complete these works :star-struck: I completed 0 orders in my second month. :laughing:

I think I had 1 order my first month, and I dread to think what the quality was like. I was recording inside a wardrobe back then :grimacing:


umerfarooq322 you are so lucky

No order complete in 1st month

Great luck. I started working on fiverr in nov 2019, although my account is old. In my first month i got 1 order.

amazing, Congratulations. :smile:

Thank you all. May we all grow on Fiverr.

May I be so bold as to ask what this topic is doing here? Or are you disappointed with only 13 orders?

//ah, flagged already. Nothing to see here, walk on :slight_smile:

Hi There,
I am Soman as a new seller on Fiverr In March but still now no order.My three gigs all time first page but don;t get any order ,please anyone help

I create videos for youtube channels.

First 2 months, zero orders.
Last month, 17 :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Nice to hear good results from you.

First month I had 0 orders. Best month I’ve had so far in terms of number of orders was February with 5 orders.

congratulation,keep it up,& work hard ,hope soon get more projects :smiley: