13 sales in 2 weeks


Hello everyone,

I just want to talk about my experience with fiverr and provide a little tip for future sellers.

I created a gig 1 year ago and never made a single sale. I decided to start an instagram account and post my drawings daily. Eventually, I gained quite a bit of followers and THEN decided to start a fiverr gig a couple weeks ago. I posted the fiverr link in my bio and told my followers to check the link in the bio if they wanted a drawing.

In just 2 weeks, I’ve made 13 sales and just under $500 profit which is fantastic since I haven’t paid for any hosting or advertising. All my sales have come directly from my instagram account.

So instead of creating a gig and hoping someone clicks on it. Go create a instagram, post everyday, gain a following and THEN create a gig you can offer your followers.

This was no easy task. I posted a lot and gained a lot of followers which helped me make 13 sales in 2 weeks.

Best of luck everyone!


Nice work, thanks for sharing!

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