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13 year experience motion graphics designer

I am Muhammad Furqan I have had a 12+ years of experience in 3D MOTION DESIGN. I could promise you to provide massive quality of work from me. Because I am very passionate at my work and I know how to dealt with the snags. I have been working on 3D Studio Max,Maxon C4DR18, RealFlow, AfterEffects
i have had tremendous competence in these tool.
You could trust Upon my craft and I could make a promise with certainty that you gonna be provided extensive quality of work from me. You could see in my profile my quality of work that I could provide you the last thing I would like to say that’s very explicitly. I am working for my passion and I never focused on just to earn money that’s not I want in my life. Because passion has a power that gives life pleasure and give us meaning to be more and effective to bring more adventure and exhilaration into our life. My life is all about the passion that gives me the strength to make things happened that seem impossible. Because of my passion, I could help you to grow your company and you could use my Competence that would be worthwhile for your company.
I have got multiple skills and technical knowledge about these tool upon that I have been working on for 11 years. If you want someone passionate in your company who could bring more business to your company then doesn’t hesitate to contact me.


My price is only 75$.