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13 yr old

How do I report a 13 year old who won’t pay me and said she will leave a bad review?

Can you clarify what happened? I am not sure what you mean by “who won’t pay me” . Usually the buyer places an order with you and pays ahead of time. If the buyer did not pay you by placing an order you don’t have to fear a bad review.

Oh, this made me laugh. Just take it to Customer Support. I don’t think a minor can legally hold a PP account, plus threatening to leave bad reviews is an abuse of TOS.

This 13 year old is probably just a stupid adult. How do you even know they’re 13? “Hello, I am Tom and I am a 13yo twit come to make your life difficult”. It’s also not clear if you did work gratis without the security of an order in place…

…everything here is a clustertuck of nadir.

If she did not place an order and pay she can’t leave a review.