$13000 in one year, is it possible?


So for those who don’t know, I’m a 16 year old high school student in Egypt. And I’ve been working so hard so I could afford the tuition fees to complete my studies in Canada.
Studying in Canada has been my one & main goal for 3 years now. But I only started working on it when I joined Fiverr (6 months ago) so I could save money for that reason.

I just did a quick research and found out that the average tuition fees in Canada, Montréal for international student is $13000 for a one academic year. Also, from my quick research I’ve found out that Montréal is the least-cost when it comes to tuition fees. Not sure if those info are right or not, I got them from some websites while doing my research.

So I was wondering, is it possible to earn $13000 in one year through Fiverr? Or i’m just tricking myself that this is possible while it’s not?
Also, did someone reach that number before after working for one year on Fiverr? OR even a similar number?

Hope to get the reply i’m awaiting for deeply inside my mind :confused:


Anything is possible. But it is only possible if you work hard to achieve that goal. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You aren’t going to be earning $13,000 quickly. That’s not likely to happen.

Most new sellers aren’t like to come anywhere near $13,000 in one year.


I know that Fiverr isn’t a get-rich-quick website. I’ve been actually working extremely hard each day so I could at least make that goal kinda possible.

Thank you for mentioning that out, it seems that It I’ll take longer to reach that goal. Hope I’ll be able to do that before reaching the last grade in high school (One of the worst school years.)


True what @jonbaas said. But it is not impossible. I made around that in my first year though. It took a lot of proactive thinking. Made my services better and charged higher.

You have to create a unique and high-quality gig that will get you there. However it is not easy (I see you have already realized that)


If you are 16 and can make $13,000 a year on Fiverr prior to hitting 18 which is when uni would start, you would be best ditching uni (at least for a few years) and focus instead on developing your talents as a freelancer. Uni isn’t what it used to be. It’s a huge investment for an end qualification which many people still struggle to use to find a high-paying job.

That’s why they don’t tell you that you’re just as eligible to study when you are 30 as you are when you are a teenager. By the time you’re 30, you’re much less likely to get sucked into any kind of ‘pay us $39,000 and you MIGHT be something one day’ scammery.


One year is a really short time to reach that number I would say. But the point is, I’ve got only 2 years before I finish high school. And unfortunately, the next two years are the worst ones ever. Specially, the last one as it’s the year which decide your future. And I believe I won’t have that much of time I’m having right now when I reach the last year.

So I was thinking if it’s kinda possible to do it in one year. I’m really ambitions and ready to work non-stop. I’ve been actually sleeping less than 6 hours a day so I could invest more time on Fiverr since studying is taking most of the time.
Hope I will be able to do that one day, if it’s not this year.


I’d suggest you read What Color Is Your Parachute for Teens, as it has lots of resources to help you make college and career choices with confidence.


Well the main point here is, will I be able to make $13,000 a year on Fiverr? Is it something possible or it looks like unreasonable?
Maybe if I can make $13,000 a year, I might think the exact way you mentioned and ditch university even tho my parents will totally disagree.
I’m after all doing so to get a better education. (Egypt ranks #56 when it comes to Best countries for education. Source)


Remember my dear one, that if your grades in high school are not good neither will your chances of being accepted to a university. Even if you raise the money you will be all dressed up with nowhere to go. So study hard, make good grades and consider @cyaxrex advise of waiting a bit to attend university. While you are waiting you can earn more cash and experience more of the world to figure out what you really want to do. I had a son take his second year off university off to pursue a musical career. It did not work out, but now he knows he was not meant to make it professionally and does not wonder what “could have been.” Good luck on making right decisions for yourself.


Being a new seller and we both having almost same services I think you can make 8-10K$ a year if hard work is done.

I have been 4 months on Fiverr and almost 3K$ can’t say if I can make 9-10K$ coz anything can happen but do hard work and keep learning :slight_smile:


So now I know why you picked Canada.



Yes, it is possible but you will need to think out the box. I don’t know what you do but certain things like writing and logo and explainer video work are already done to death. Worse, for anything creative you can do legitimately, 30 people (at least) will show up and start selling counterfeit work while undercutting you on price. the best thing to do in this case is look for things which no one else is doing and maybe invest some money in software and tools to create high-end versions of your product.

Spend a lot of time researching and wait for your ping of inspiration. That is the only way to start earning megabucks. Alternatively, maybe look at low level droppshipping which doesn’t involve any upfront investment as a way of making money.


Thank you Mrs.Vickie for your nice words!
The money i’m trying to earn are all dedicated for my education after all. I was trying lately to balance between school-work & freelancing. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as expected but I’m now managing to get it back as it was.

I really don’t want to study the last year of high school in Egypt. My brother has experienced it already (My sister is experiencing it this year.) and it didn’t go well.
It’s not like a normal school year. Students are put under stress & they study non-stop! Seriously, 24/7 with no time to do anything related. And the problem is, they’re studying things that won’t help them in the future neither it will add a value. (Except some subjects like Math…etc.)
And after all of what they’ve been facing, the exams are corrected in a messy way which leads to those who worked hard all year get a mark which doesn’t meet their hard work, and those who didn’t even study get a high grade that they don’t deserve.

That’s why I’m totally unable to accept the fact that I will have to face this experience as well.


Just want to point out that Youssef is talking about going to Canada for his final year of High School, not Uni. The reason is that getting into a better Uni, and getting a better education, will be more likely when graduating from a school with a recognized higher standard than his current school.

I’m glad to see that nobody is being unrealistic or misleading you here and instead they are pointing out the realities that this is a tough goal to achieve. It would be for a full-time seller and obviously, for a part-timer it will be more difficult. That said, from our previous conversations, I know you are a determined young man with a bright future regardless of Canada or anything else, that you prefer to be reliably informed and that you won’t be put off by this.
Yes, it is possible to achieve the sales you need but it wont be easy.
Others have given some good ideas and advice and so I won’t go over that all again but you know where I am if you want to discuss specifics.

What I would ask is that you look into whether the finance needs to be all paid in one go or could you pay it in stages, if you were still working while in Canada. ie. if so, you might find you could do it by raising $6500 this year and the same next year while in Canada. I know I pay my son’s school in stages throughout the year but not sure how it works elsewhere.


Yes it is.i know a person who is doing SEO task on fiverr also having TRS badge, earned $25000


Exactly Mr.Eoin!
If it’s possible to finish high school in Canada and then move on to uni, I’ll do that as well if I have the money. But I don’t think that’s allowed since I’ll only study for like a one or two years in a Canadian high school which doesn’t really mean that I graduated from it since I only studied their Curriculum for two years.

Hope they have that system. It will make it much easier for me to achieve my goal.

Thank you Mr.Eoin for helping out, I really hope that I could do that one day.


In this case, I might have a compromise for @youssefkamel. Oxford University in the UK and the UK Open University allow people to study individual modules online and get credited with points which eventually do count to real degree points and academic qualifications.

If you really want to look like an academic superstar, think about working on Fiverr to save enough for a few short courses like that, doing them, and adding them to your academic resume. Any university you ever apply to in future would be bowled over to see that at 16, you started funding and pursuing whatever higher education you could to compensate for (a presumably) lower standard high school qualification.

Or go the crowdfunding route.


Sounds like a worth trying experience. :thinking: Thank you for mentioning it out. I’ll surely go search and get more details about that program. At least, it’s better than what I’m studying in high school!


This is what I admire about youssef. He knows what he wants and he goes after it. I am glad he has found friends here with positive advice for him. :heart_eyes:


How about a scholarship? Do you have any way of getting it?