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1360 buyer request ? a bug or not?

I was just browsing the new few buyer requests that just came in to my categories, sent 1 or 2 requests, then received a message from fiverr that told me that i had been promoted to level 1, great huh ? so i went back to the buyer request page, and now i see that buyer requests went from around 35 to around 1360 lol, is this a bug ?

Ps: even trying to search for a specefic keyword, or trying to switch categories won’t change the number.

Thank you,

It’s not a bug it’s a feature lol. As you promoted to level 1 , more Buyer Request is visible for you.
btw Congratz for making on level 1. :1st_place_medal: :+1:


Thank you, i thought it was a bug because all of these buyer requests are so old, i think a lot of them even go back to october, and why is the search for keywords not working ? or when i try to switch categories … it is weird to be honest.

Edit: actually switching categories works.

That is a bug (search bar) You will get new buyer request as well.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi there,
As we think,it is not bug.It is true. What is your level ?If your level is more than one ,you can be show like this more requests.

team creative.

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