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139 reviews, 97% Positive Rating ,226 order completed but still not getting orders


Hello all, I really need someone to help me. I’m not getting orders like before don’t know why, Now a days I’m getting only 5-6 orders per month and before I used to get 5-6 order per day. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Lee - See


Well you are not alone … sales going down i hope that is normaly in this time of year since everyone are on vatication


I’m experiencing the same thing! I think it’s because of the summer holidays, or I hope that’s the reason at least :wink:


Me too! Feels like this month is a slow one…


things have slowed down here but i guess next month should be better .


Same thing for me :frowning:


Reply to @skydesigner: Thank you for sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:


Reply to @emblem1: Lol hope soo.


Reply to @theratypist: Ya


Reply to @inspiredtony: Hope soo.


Reply to @alberto_cangemi: :frowning: