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14 days for clearing is way too long

i believe if the buyer has actually accepted the Gig then it really makes no sense to wait for 14 days. i understand that they can raise a dispute with paypal and reverse the money but this is something that fiverr should take care of. Why should the seller, a hard working seller lose money for a twisted rule of PayPal.

Reply to @craigscott: Neither man, I had rather prefer $4 in something around a week.

Reply to @jkeith: would love to agree with you :wink:

What’s so unusual about this? I never can quite get it. Employers take one to two weeks to pay most people. How is two weeks of waiting any different? Online, I have waited 3+ months for some money I made. Two weeks is actually quite low as compared to some places and they actually have a reason aka fraud protection. It may seem rough at first but if you work on your up-sell it is no different than getting a paycheck every other week.

I might just be being cynical, but it basically means Fiverr has a lot of other people’s money sitting in their bank generating interest. It’s just lots of free money for them.

Reply to @ryangillam: a very valid point. But imagine this

  1. you do your work
  2. buyer marks it complete
  3. Gives you good review
  4. Cancels the order through paypal after 10 days.

    Worst of all order was of around 50$.

Welcome to Fiverr, however which would you prefer; $0 on a daily basis or $4 in 14 days.

It’s not rocket science.

Reply to @swappy007: I agree with this. 7 days is a good time. It only takes 3 days for an order to complete without any feedback. I only had 3 sales but it’s a little frustrating to wait 14 days for 4 dollars.

Imagine this situation:

  1. Somebody places an order with their ‘friend’ on Fiverr.
  2. Order marked as complete (Although no work has been done)
  3. Money withdrawn.
  4. PayPal chargeback initiated.

    Fiverr would be out of pocket due to that scam. Without the 14 day limit in place people would effectively ‘steal’ from Fiverr by buying from themselves.

Really. I mean seriously now are we really going to rant on this topic when there is nothing to complain about. ~O). Moving along…back to work guys.

Just to throw a spanner into the works…it is actually 15 if you are working on European time as it clears at some point after midnight on the 15th day.

I understand the wait but I find it confusing to see exactly how much we have earned. The old site just had a simple list of sales we have made. This has at least 4 catagories that I have to keep track of. It’s more confusing than it needs to be to see our earnings.

Not to mention buyers could wait until the 13th day to reject the order, or even reject it on the 3rd. I know some buyers take a long while to respond, whether it’s unintentional or intentional, I don’t know. But there are plenty of cases with buyers scamming sellers, just because they can. That’s probably configured into the 14 day waiting period.

Does anybody get a dollar taken from them for each withdrawal they make on paypal? Just me?..

Reply to @mboland: I use payoneer and for me 3$ get deducted every time i withdraw a payment.

and yet I feel fiverr does almost nothing to protect you!!

@swappy007: The word ‘almost’ doesn’t need to be there. Fiverr does absolutely nothing to protect us. The 14 day clearing period is for buyer satisfaction. If the buyer rejects the order on either the 2nd or 13th day, they have the reigns, the rights, the power. Even if we communicate with our buyers, do everything right, the buyer could still reject the delivery. We as Sellers are sunk. BTW, what’s with the $3 deduction? Pretty high…

Reply to @mboland: Paypal charges 2% per transaction not to surpass $1. So we often advise others to withdraw $50 or more each time to max out the charge. 2% of $50= $1. Of course, withdrawing even more or less often is even better. :slight_smile:

Wow. Fiverr sucks. It’s awful. They treat sellers like crud & buyers like dopes…they rake in tons of interest on the money they won’t give you and they just ignore you when you complain. Everyone should just quit, show Fiverr who’s really in control. Seriously, why would anyone want to stay on such a terrible site? You’d have to be brain-damaged.

Fiverr obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing…there’s tons of better places out there.

(Note: any sarcasm detected here is intentional, and there’s plenty more where that comes from)

I’m quite surprised to see how many people complain about this whole “waiting for 2 weeks” thing.

Is 2 weeks THAT long? I mean, if I can get my payment in 2 days that’s great, but the rules say 2 weeks, then why are so many people upset about this and having a hard time accepting it?

Most jobs pay us once a month which is far shorter than 2 weeks.

Even if Fiverr took let’s say 4 weeks to clear the funds, we are still getting paid eventually. :-?

I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying this, but are some people that desperate to get paid

right away? I mean, if you are a member of Fiverr that means you have a PC ( or an iPhone) which means you are financially stable to a certain point I think. What is the reason behind all of this, is it simply being impatient and not wanting to wait? :-?