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14 Days for Funds to Clear

Good day fellow Fiverrians,
Have you ever thought Fiverr is unfair? You need to read this before trying to crucify me for saying Fiverr is unfair.

Fiverr charges seller 20% of his/her earning after a buyer marks an order complete. Not only the seller is charged but the buyer also pay some certain charges when they place an order.

In my own opinion, I think the fund should only take seven days to clear when a buyer marks the order complete while for TRS should be 7 hours pay out. Because for the buyer to mark an order complete and also leave a feedback means: he/she is satisfied with delivery.

Fiverr can retain her 14 days pay out for No Level Seller… What do you think?


I’ve been around here for 5+ years, and this has always been something sellers have asked about. I doubt it’s going to change unless Fiverr decides doing so would be in its best interests as a business.

You should have been around when they switched from the thumbs up/thumbs down system to the current star system and then did an overhaul of the review system. Huge upheaval and unrest within the seller community. Waiting two weeks for payment is paltry compared to that mess.

So I would suggest just planning around the waiting period, and don’t count that income in your budget as available funds until it is actually available. :wink:


Do you know that to get online financial platforms like Payoneer and PayPal to partner with a business platform like Fiverr, there must be a refund policy in place? The 14days and seven days withdrawal time are one of such policies for Fiverr. Well, it’s a matter of rules. People and businesses make rules just the way it suits their activities or businesses. And this one here is one of such cases. In my opinion, I will say, just take it as it is and move on.


The issue you raised is one of the things that has been bordering me overtime, this is not just cool to me, i hope Fiverr could take time and look into this to help better lives for freelancers out there.

Regardless, God Bless Fiverr they had been such a huge blessing ever since i started my career with them.


Fair or not this is how fiverr works, you can adapt or leave, this what I think.

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Definitely. Fiverr has to cover themselves.


If you type “too long for clearance” in the search bar above you will find numerous posts on this much discussed topic.


I used to think that Fiverr was really bad for this – and to be fair, 14 days is a fairy long time – but compared to other sites (such as Upwork for example) Fiverr is quite decent (there’s no monthly membership fee for sellers, you don’t have to pay to send offers to buyers… etc)

Actually, I see it as an upside. This way, I don’t spend all my hard earned money in once. I get time to reflect on what to do with it, if anything. But I guess it depends on relying on Fiverr as your sole income or not. Something I would not recommend anyway. If it is just one of your main income streams, surely the 14 day waiting period wouldn’t really matter that much. If you work for a boss in a regular job, most of the time (in many countries) you will have to wait an entire month to receive your income. This should not be disregarded as perspective.

In short, no.

We’re getting a lot of repeated themes and posts lately… These particular posts often strike me as, reactionary, upon only realizing the cut they take after a few sales. Although I am not suggesting this is what happened in your case.

I’ve had over a decade of experience working as a freelancer (on and off over the last 20 years.) I was working freelance long before Fiverr or any of these sites. And they are a god-send in many ways.

In the service industry (and especially with very large clients) They can take 30-60 days to pay on an invoice (at least in my country and in my personal and extended experience), and with that you may have to chase them. With Fiverr you know you’re paid already, and just have to wait, what is in fact a very reasonable period. I’ve even had clients who didn’t pay in full or I had to chase for several months, it can be a pain and take extra time from your actual work.

I’m lucky now though as I’ve many clients who pay on delivery of the content, but there are still some of the larger agencies and companies that have to pass the invoice onto the finance department who pay out on all invoices on day-x of every month. I make some pay 50% up-front if they are an unknown entity to me, but that can also be a deal-breaker. So, all of this is why platforms that hold the money for x period and then pay you are win-win. You don’t have to chase and you can plan as you know how your cashflow is going to be.

As for the 20%. Agents take a cut, Publishers take a cut, it;s all standard as they are all providing a service themselves. Advertising costs money too, if you do all your business out of your own website, that costs in hosting and the SEO and time required to drive business to your site. ALL of that is handled on a storefront platform like this.

If 20% is too much for all of the above, then try to do it without Fiverr and see how it goes for a while. As a new startup it’s very tough to get rolling, especially in this gig economy. I’d rather give up 20% of something than 0% of nothing, which is what I’d get from Fiverr if I didn’t use their service too.

If you’ve not budgeted for the 20%, and it makes the work unfeasible, then price at a higher rate, or bear with the current rate until the time is right to price higher. There are workarounds. For example, if you were a voice actor working for 100 words for $5, then offer 80 words for $5, that way you’re working less for the same money and it should balance out. It’s not unethical either, you’re just adjusting your rates to factor for an unanticipated overhead, it’s business at the end of the day, not charity.

There are probably lots of suggestions and much more to discuss, but all-in-all, Fiverr -whilst I don’t agree with all they do in respect to extra fees, or taking a cut of tips (imagine if restaurants did that, well, none that I ever worked in dipped into the tip jar, as it was for the servers - but I digress) for example- the 20% and the 14 day hold are fair, upfront and I have no issue with them, and if they make some interest in the meantime whilst it is in escrow, more power to them - Wish I’d thought of setting up a site like this back in the late 90s! I’d be like Scrooge McDuck by now.


Thanks for this fantastic context. I’m not sure why people make such a fuss over the two week hold. It’s not a long time at all and makes total sense on Fiverr’s part. As you say, it’s much shorter than other freelance opportunities, plus much less bureaucracy and administration to deal with!

I love your Scrooge McDuck reference by the way. I loved him growing up!

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