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14 Days To Recieve Revenues?

I have been a seller on fiverr since august last year and fiverr being my only income I need the money pretty soon. Well why does fiverr take 14 DAYS to clear your revenues? On other sites it takes 3 days MAX. This is one thing fiverr needs to work on. Especially for those sellers out there like me that depend on that money as a prime income. Comment what you think about this below. I’m curious to see what others also have to say about this.

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I too totally agree with you I too depend on fiverr full time and 14 days is ridiculous to waiting to get paid for the job well done.

I feel for you, but seriously, I see this topic so much I can’t figure out if no one reads the forum at all before posting, adds to it to draw attention to their gigs, or can’t search. Many of these posts on this topic aren’t even that old and there are more of them than I found in a 3 minute search.

I can totally understand how difficult this is.

I have a full-time job, which is my main source of income, of course, and I have to wait one full month to get my paycheck. That is, I get monthly paychecks.

And in my previous jobs, I got paid every 15 days. A lot of jobs where I live are like this. I don’t know if other countries have a law or something, but this is pretty common in my country.

I also agree with this. It take much time to clear revenues.


I also don’t like this problem I think it’s a safety precaution and for a few other things as well, however once you start getting orders each week you begin a weekly income and after two weeks you constantly get money all week so it works out alright at the end.

The reason for this is because the seller buyer 14 day to get a refund, which in my view is stupid. If the buyer shouldn’t click complete until he or she is happy, if that there should be no refund. They should get 1 day max after clicking Complete at the very most.

Reply to @philtabest: Fiverr has zero control over this issue in certain cases. If a buyer files a dispute with PayPal, or worse yet their credit card company, Fiverr has no options. The buyer also has a lot longer than 14 days. The only thing that helps is that buyers are less likely to file disputes when time passes, so the 14 day clearance helps guarantee that Fiverr sellers won’t end up with a negative balance and then work for free to fill it back. These things may have been mentioned in the links I provided. If people want to complain just to feel better there is a Rant forum just for that.

i agree with u bro @philtabest

So if you weren’t doing Fiverr and were employed by someone, they’d pay you immediately? No? You mean you’d get paid every 1-2 weeks for work you did in the past?

I don’t see why people expect the money right away. I can’t think of many jobs that would pay that quickly - maybe cutting someone’s grass under the table. Other than that, you bill them, they eventually pay and you eventually get paid.

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@fonthaunt I am just speaking my opinion and just wanted to hear what everyone else thought. If you don’t like it then you can kindly not comment on my post ;:wink:

@philtabest I agree completely.

Reply to @buzzkillington: First of all, this is not like other jobs. It’s freelance, and we’d like to get our payments as soon as the client pays it. There are people who rely entirely on fiverr as their source of income. It’s bad enough that sometimes we have to go weeks without any orders, but having to wait another two weeks for them to clear? That’s way too long to be waiting

Reply to @wegotshoutouts: I’m sorry if you took offense but it’s frustrating sometimes when the same issues are brought up, especially in a category that is supposed to be for a specific and unrelated thing. Even when the repetition I wouldn’t have commented had it been in Chit Chat or FAQ’s or Suggestions.

Anyway, it’s a public forum and everyone has equal right to comment. I include you in that although I don’t think it was in the right location. If you prefer not to have comments it might be better to use a private forum or your Facebook page or something that isn’t open to all. Have a good one!

Reply to @danindu001: But even working a freelancer on your own, when you complete a job for a client, you send them an invoice and then they may have to mail you a check, it’s never instant.

As for people who rely only on Fiverr, that’s like any freelancer in general. It’s never good to rely only on one thing. A freelancer anywhere always has to be out there marketing themselves trying to get more clients. Fiverr is similar it just has a built in audience, but freelancing is not a gauranteed income generator. It can be but it takes awhile to build up a freelance business like that.

If someone wants 100% steady money, that’s what regular jobs are for working for other people with a regular paycheck.

Reply to @fonthaunt: so if someone gets a refund at PayPal side after 14 days, what happens? Would that come out of my credit?

I hope that never happens to me, like many people on fiverr I put too much time into my work to have someone con me.

Reply to @danindu001: Exactly what sincere18 said below. I’ve never seen money exchange hands instantly for any freelancing role. You bill them, they pay you at some point and you get your money. Some pay quickly, others don’t.

If you were a tradesman like a plumber - they expect payment immediately. But generally any business service will bill you. Hell I don’t even pay my medical bills on time - they bill my insurance, they haggle and 6 weeks later they get their payment from me.

Reply to @wegotshoutouts: although I agree with you that it shouldn’t be 14 days, I also have to agree with @fonthaunt after all you wouldn’t reinvent the wheel. Just think of it like this, there are thousands of seller on this website, if they all created a new post when they wanted to know anything, there would be too many for people to answer. It’s not very time consuming to search prior to posting, in fact in the time you created this you could have searched 10 different search terms and found answers straight away.

I too have done the same thing, so I’m really not getting onto you.

Reply to @fonthaunt: regarding the same issues being brought up…I agree depending on what it is a quick search is helpful, but then on another hand in a real time forum, whatever website you are on that has forums, most people want answers that are current not old ones. Policies and features do change, so sometimes current discussions are relevant to various aspects.

Reply to @philtabest: I understand that but I wasn’t necessarily trying to ask why it is 14 days I was asking what others thought about it being 14 days.