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14 days waiting clearance opinion

Hello every one, I want to raise this motion. We freelancers are like business men, who transact daily and take their money. Example, a customer comes to your shop, sees a shoe and buys it, pays you instantly, you take your money. Another example, you call a technician to fix your car, your car is fixed, you get paid instantly. That is what we are. What is all this 14 days waiting period to get your money you already worked for and earned. If there is any reason for this waiting period, then it should not be more than 3 or 7 days. This gives rise to alot of scamming activities. Someone who order from you, can come on the 7th, or 13th day and request refund, cancellation or a charge back. And now you are left with either fiverr banning the client, who will just open another account and continue their fraud activities and you could loose the money without compensation.

Sometimes we use our money to pay for services. They are people who live in countries without constant electricity, where you have to buy fuel to power your generator. Since you can’t have access to your money, you will use yours to run the project. And if clients decided to cancel then what? What about my money for fuel? We should be able to clear our money to enable us continue to run services and deliver goods.

Just to add, we are not getting paid by fiverr, we are getting paid by the client, and if client releases money instantly for services, then while will fiverr hold it for 14 days?

This is very difficult to absorb, it’s supposed to be simple. Get work, get paid, collect your money instantly. This waiting period of 14 days is definitely a big issue for me and alot of my friends who work here. Please what do you guys think? Can we suggest a better way to get our money quicker. Your opinion is needed.


If you type “14 day waiting period” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on this much discussed subject which you may find interesting.


Precisely, that’s why Fiverr has a waiting period, to guarantee they are not out of money themselves in the event of cancelations or chargebacks.

Anyway, that is only really relevant when you’re starting out. As a freelancer you need to have money set aside for that, you can’t live pay check to paycheck. Doesn’t work. If you have (as you should, as a freelancer) money for a couple months of expenses set aside (this is not a suggestion, it’s a must. If you can’t do this, you’ll never succeed), it doesn’t matter if you get paid now or later.

As for the 14 days, yeah, it’s a bit much. But as TRS or Pro you get it in 7 days - because you have proven yourself to be trustworthy. This is a two way street, lots of sellers also scam people. Many of the new sellers really can’t be trusted by Fiverr, it would be too risky.

Fiverr has also implemented a new early withdraw system, where you can get it right away. And they’re also working on a cash advance system.


14 days is GOOD!

When you start a new job for a regular employer you have to wait until the next pay day, which can be up to 30 days away. Or more if the finance department is slow setting up your details. As @visualstudios says, you should (ideally) have money set aside when you first go freelance. I know that can be difficult and many people do live paycheck to paycheck though.

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I wouldn’t say it’s good as a freelancer. When I work with clients directly, outside of any platform, it’s always 50% upfront before I even start and 50% when I deliver the final version (watermarked). Only when I get 100% of the money will I deliver the final unwatermarked version. You can’t compare freelancing to a regular job. A regular job has benefits, a guaranteed income, etc. You’re running less risk, so you can wait more. There’s no “cancelations” either.

This is talking about small fries, ofc. If you’re dealing with 100k budgets with big companies, then it’s standard practice to go up to 90 days. It makes sense to wait that long for 100k, but it doesn’t make sense to wait 90 days (or even 14) for 5 bucks.

But people doing that kind of work with those budgets generally won’t be interested in Fiverr anyway.


Actually, offering professional services is different from, let’s say, selling a bottle of milk.

You might want your money right away, but that’s not how business is done between professionals most of the time.

I’ve never worked with a professional client without invoicing. Businesses operate on credit most of the time: if a design agency outsources a logo design to you, you can be sure that they most like invoice the client with a NET14, NET30 or in some (horrible cases), NET90 days!

As a voice over, I’ve always refused NET90-jobs. But I’m very used to doing work now and getting paid for it later. This is how business is conducted.

There’s other reasons for the wait as well. For example, if a buyer decides to cancel the order or complain to customer support, Fiverr holds your money for a period to ensure that the work has been delivered properly.

Another reason is that Fiverr actually collects interest on the cash they keep on hand. They also need cash reserves, just like any business. In fact, I’m wondering why more freelancers aren’t doing this themselves: I keep a “raindy day fund”, and what I earned last month is what I live on today. I make sure to keep track of my finances, and I don’t expect my clients or Fiverr to sort that out for me.

This waiting period is something you should plan for. It won’t go away, so you should instead plan ahead, save up money, and make sure to have a cash reserve.

That’s my best advice to you.


that’s right but sometimes buyers need refund even though they released the money and if reason is fair and eligable they have a right to receive those funds to their account balance which is I hate and many freelancers hate but it’s what it is.

but once you proved your value for this site as a TRS you have a chance to get your funds within 7 days.

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@rainbowchazer when you start a job in a company or organisation, you are guaranteed payments. You can’t simply get cancellation of your money or just get terminated don’t compare that with freelance, there are two different things. We are not in an organisation, we deal with clients directly and not fiverr. The clients pay us, not fiverr, fiverr is just the tool to connect to the client’s. Once your clients pays you, then we should get paid instantly.


@chester48 I doubt fiverr will be changing their operating model any time soon. As others have said, some of the newbies on here simply cannot be trusted. Trust must be earned. No good a client paying for something which they subsequently find unsatisfactory, only to find the freelancer has left the site, with the client’s money…

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Actually Fiverr know best the right way clearance of Fiverr money

Much Appreciated @chester48
a seller faces same kind of several problem everyday. I think, Seller has an opportunity to set consult charges, sellers give their time here and “take time” and “money” are both same.