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14 gigs and hardly a few orders

I provide services from writing to video acting but I see having it hard time in getting sales. Even though I do get sales even the day of creating my gig, i find it hard for another few weeks that i do not receive sales. I am level 2 since last year but do not seem to be growing up. What to do?

Ah. you need to promote your gigs in social medias also. and you can try to change title, description and TAG also.

Where do you promote on social media?

@yasirsaeed87 Keep supporting the forums, make changes to your gigs, and check the buyer request section every single morning and apply (uniquely) to any gig that you can manage. You can do IT!

Good Luck!


have you added videos to all your gigs , yasirsaeed87
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Hi, whenever I find posts like yours in the forum who sounds to be depressed. I always request them to look at me. This is almost a year and am still hoping to write my ‘FIVERR STORY’ some day … .
You are at least level 2 seller. Think about me, I haven’t even started selling. According to my friends here, I am searching ‘buyers request’, ‘editing my gigs’ every single day and at the end of the day hoping for the next day from ‘FIVERR’ to get any sale.

Hope for the best.


I’d be wrong to tell you not to worry but you are the ONLY one i have seen on fiverr with such a long time and no sale. people easily make level 2 seller within this time with nearly 200 reviews. You need to be very clear on your serivces. go with articles, blogs, content, testimonials. see how my gigs are diversified? did you check out my profile? Also always have other sources of income apart from only Fiverr.

Reply to @akheem: so sweet of you brother! thanks a lot for the valuable tips and motivation. yes i can do it :slight_smile:

Reply to @jagroopsingh: That was a nice try my friend trying to promote your services as a new seller. you only sticked to videos, something that I had since over a year. Thank you so much for your advice and try not to sell it here. Go somehwere else.

Reply to @atulan: Oh my Goodnees! Dear I checked your profile and gigs and here is what I have to say about them:

You seem to have good writing skills. Why not deliver article writing gigs? You can also deliver video testimonial gigs in a Hindi accent? I know of a girl that is Level one seller in a a few days just by selling her video testimonial services. Also, your gigs are hardly valuable for anyone that is why you are not getting any sale. Are you good at SEO? Also change your profile. talk about your education, expertise and what you can do instead of bluffing with words. Be specific. have a gig for PDF to Word because people search PDF to word, not any document to word. Also, you have NO videos promoting yourself. Have a video of yourself in every gig. That sells!

Reply to @yasirsaeed87: Good advice.

Reply to @yasirsaeed87: Thank you so very much for your reply. Thank you again that you have given some of your precious time to visit my profile and gigs. That inspired me and I have visited your profile too. You have given me a new thought about video testimonials. I surely will change my gigs.

Thank you again.