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14 GOLDEN RULES for a new fiverrer

It’s really a tough job to motivate and guide someone who just joined the fiverr community because he has a lot of questions and queries in his mind. Along with he might have the fear to loose heart and leave the community or keep wandering directionless.A bitter truth for most of new people is need of proper GUIDE. Though the article is not perfect but my research and thoroughness will introduce you completely about fiverr. Stick to my 14 golden rules and you will never fail here.

  1. You must have heard from your fellas or might have watched some youtube videos regarding fiverr providing a platform to it’s freelancers to earn a lot of cash . Yes they are right, it’s the place to earn and earn far more than your real life income.
  2. The first thing a starter should be looking for is a need to FIND YOUR TALENT or you will keep straying here and there and getting nowhere.
  3. No man is born with skill and talent everyone has some talent in him you just need to explore it here. If you think you have some communications skills, miraculous writing powers,or nature blessed you with sweet voice, or EVEN IF YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING JUST DO SOMETHING CRAZY and buyers must be looking for it.
  4. When you know your job just simply go to that respective category and open some TOP RATED gigs and go through some of the top profiles “deeply”. Yes i focused on word deeply, if you miss this step you would never land in professional ground even if you keep coming to fiverr on regular basis.
  5. Creating your FIRST GIG should not be a fear or difficulty at all you can come any time and make changes in it. You can change your whole gig here but i would suggest never do anything like that because it makes you loose your confidence. Just make changes in the same gig frequently, look at it for a week and bring it to perfection and then offer the gig it would give you a perfect start.
  6. When you get your FIRST BUYER think it as biggest achievement, because you just started with what you trusted fiverr. if you did your job and customer is satisfied with it ask him gently for a decent comment.
  7. Make fiverr ‘A LOVE’ . Loving your profession is something that will go far along with you. Its the simple rule the deep you dig more you go get. Just put your head down and keep going even if you don’t get a single penny for a month or so i can guarantee if you maintain the pace, the day is not far when there would be a never ending line of your buyers to it.
  8. I have seen many people roaming useless and hitting on wrong targets and they loose their confidence after sometime. WHEN YOU KNOW “A” AND TRY TO SELL “B” it might earn you some bucks for that time but loose your clients in a longer race.
  9. Daily visit BUYER’S REQUEST section, its the only opportunity to let people know about your existence at fiverr.This is the first step which every beginner need to follow strictly.
  10. When you get a MESSAGE FROM A CLIENT and let him go i would say it’s a failure on your part. Apply TWO SIMPLE BUSINESS RULES here (i) Try to know what your customer want and at what rate (ii) Reply him with basic professional courtesies like DEAR SIR at start and THANK YOU at end, it would give a perfect impression of your proposals.
  11. COMMENTS are what matters most here.if you are level 2 seller or even top rated seller your customer graph will start falling because of few negative comments. Give people exactly what they are looking for and if there are some imperfections left on your behalf, your professional courtesies should cover it positively to avoid bad happenings.
  12. If you really want to succeed here NEVER LOOSE HOPE . I have talked myself to a level 2 seller deleting his profile just because he didn’t receive orders for few days. Keep your motivation high even if your impressions are falling, it hardly adds anything to your profile.
  13. One key point i don’t want to miss is “FOLLOW THE TREND” . Remain updated about people’s demand, daily keep looking at trend in the market and make changes to your gig’s accordingly.
  14. Last but not the least “TRUST YOURSELF”, I believe failure don’t exist in perfect community like fiverr. Don’t loose hope, the day is not far when you will worry handling the QUEUE and CUSTOMERS SELECTION and expanding your business.

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