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14 Jobs Done, Level 1 Seller, 99% Positive Rating


I’m working on Fiverr since December 2016. At first I was not able to work and didn’t know anything about Fiverr and how to make a Good GIG and start getting jobs. But Now I have done 14 jobs so far and also Earned Level 1 seller with 99% positive rating. and my GIG is on First Page ( Recommended ). I don’t know but now I’m not getting much jobs now even my gig is on first page and also I’m getting pretty good GIG view, clicks and Impressions. I don’t know what is wrong or am I missing something in my GIG that people only check it but dont buy ? Can someone help me on this ? What can i do or add to my gig so i start getting more jobs ?

I’m waiting for your Comments.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:



You’re the live example of what I say since years! :grinning:
You should have posted this on previous Threads, now… if you don’t get orders even with Fiverr’s help… I bet there is not much we can do from here…