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140 responses to BR, 4 jobs, 0 jobs from search on Voice Over. Advice?

Okay Fiverr colleagues, the FRUSTRATION is finally setting in…

I joined Fiverr on March 5 of 2017, and yesterday marked 4 months. So far I’ve responded to 140 buyer requests, which have resulted in 4 sales and 2 - 5* ratings (the other two did not leave feedback).

I have 0 sales through searches, and worse, searched for my gig and my profile today and they did not show up in the search results, even when I typed in my profile name.

Things I know:

  1. Buyer request area is terrible but necessary early
  2. I should be advertising on social media and am beginning to do so
  3. There are LOTS of VO sellers on here already, so it will take a while to compete.
  4. I’ve made more money in less time on other outlets but people I know in VO insist Fiverr is still a great platform.

Definitely not giving up. I’m playing the long game here. But I seriously need some practical advice to shorten the curve to making a living here. Please and thanks!

You’ve got one gig - can you make another 6 that are more specific - answering messages etc.?

The more gigs, and the more specific they are to what somebody’s searching for, the more likely they’ll be to find you.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

That’s interesting, I started working on extra gigs, then a friend said it was too much and I needed to focus on getting one off the ground. Did I get well intentioned but bad advice?

I’m not saying it was bad advice at all, but if you can have 7 gigs, then you’ve got 6 more chances of being found! :slight_smile:


I agree with @offlinehelpers creating new gigs is a good idea. VO category is saturated, so it’ll take some time to get things moving & shaking. But, don’t give up, just keep at it! :sunglasses:

Buyers request is a hit or miss… Most want something for nothing. Nah it doesn’t work that way.


Glad you turned up @nikavoice - I have no idea about voice overs! :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smile_cat:

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