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15 april I am got level 1 then no buyer knock

15 April I am got level 1 then no buyer knock me. and my gig day by day down. I do not understand. How can I improve me? Please, anyone, suggest to me.

April 15 was five days ago. Please be patient. Success does not happen instantly, or immediately. If could take weeks, even months before your gig picks up steam. Are you doing anything to reach out to your target customers and convince them to hire you?


you are Right…

First of all: there is no expression like “buyer knock me”. It means something absolutely different. So you might want to improve your English and stop using words that doesn’t make any sense.
(If I translate it literally it would mean that buyer punched you and you lost your conscious)

Secondly every month you are creating new topic “I haven’t had any orders for x amount of days”.

Maybe it’s time to stop asking every week and counting how many days you didn’t get orders. It should be obvious by this time that buyers wouldn’t message you every day unless you start doing something for that.
You received few good advices on your previous topics so please read them again and start following what was already recommended.


You are right…i hope also

Everyone’s celebrating Easter this/next week depending on the tradition, a lot of your potential buyers included. People go on vacations and take days off, hence less orders.