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15 days and no resolution

I submitted a complaint that I’m unable to see buyer requests on the page. It’s been a month and not a single while my services are common. As of today, it’s 15 days and no one gets back to me.
Is there anyone from Fiverr can check on that?
Thank you

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Being a new seller you wont get to see a lot of buyer request, in my category there are some days in which i dont even get to see a single buyer request as i am a new seller…

So only for this issue you should not submit a complain coz actually thats not an issue it happens with almost everyone and Fiverr Customer service as you know due to the pandemic has suffered a lot so they are having a very difficult time…

You can do one thing though you can look for that appropriate time when you do get to see request coming on the buyer request section. For me i get to see the request at 12 noon so similarly you have to observe your category and which time you actually get to see Buyer request, thats the only solution i can provide with

Thank you actually I told this to my friend and he advised me to contact support so I thought maybe they can do anything because the field I’m working is so common and I not see a single one even.
Well! your logic is understandable that maybe Fiverr won’t show many to new sellers.
I’ll try figuring out the time.
Thank you for your comment

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