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15+ days no sell


I have created my Fiverr account 15+ days. All 7 gigs impressions, click, view everything is okey(green). I am doing also marketing in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. But no sell yet! What is the problem of my gigs? What wrong happn with my profile? Please drop your valuable answers.


It’s December: :christmas_tree:


So you are trying to tell me, it’s mostly happening because of this time period(December), and after that (started New year) I will get it properly as usual?


End of the first week of January-ish when everybody goes back to work. We’ve had Santa on his sleigh collecting for charity round our street tonight - the last thing anybody’s thinking about is work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope - just reposting a very useful post from @eoinfinnegan. :slightly_smiling_face: