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15 new Fiverr Learn courses & programs have been published!

15 new Fiverr Learn courses & programs have been published!

  1. From Structure to Style: Master Your Copywriting
  2. Ad Retargeting: Convert More Clients
  3. Facebook Chatbots: Generate Leads and Sales Effectively
  4. Create and Self-publishing Your Book or E-book
  5. Social Media: Build Engagement Across Top Platforms
  6. Video Production Essentials: Create, Edit and Post Online
  7. Launch a Successful Photography Business
  8. Become a Digital Marketer
  9. Build an Online Business With Shopify and Amazon
  10. Become a Facebook Ads Professional
  11. Become a Blogger: From Strategy to Writing
  12. Become an Adobe Creative Cloud expert: Ps, Id, Ae, Pr, Lr, Xd
  13. Become a Professional Copywriter For Any Platform
  14. Essential Skills To Online Freelancing
  15. Develop a Killer Personal Brand

Check them out HERE!


I can recommend all courses by Isaac Rudansky!


And I see he is offering at least two programs/courses in the image!


Great news - maybe it’s time to dive into copywriting!


LMAO, I already have like 6 courses :books: :books: waiting for me to complete them :rofl:, and I now see a few new ones for me to drool over. One somewhat beneficial thing for sure that has come from the pandemic, I think I have developed an addiction to online learning :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!


Great news it is…