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15 songs for 15$? Buyer request section lol

Check this buyer request guys. Some guy out there has a 15$ budget and wants 15 songs for it. One dollar a song - what an awesome deal, right? :smiley:

Here is his request, copied from the BR section:

" Write me original songs Inspired from my websites I want to pay $15 for 15 songs. My budget is a shoe string so just let me know what is possible I want full copyright to the vocals, lyrics and tracks. And I attached 1 example of a poem I wrote. I want a porfolio ASAP 3 days maybe with the same melody structure and lyrics. I’m not really a fan of love songs or sad songs, which seems to be the theme in Australian pop culture. And I’m even less of a fan of Iggy Azalea but that is social justice mainstream tone of music I’d like to create. Because I want to open a youtube which pleases the audiences. I’m open to all offers. Improviser is key to my projects. "

Is this guy for real? I stumble upon crazy requests all the time and I really don’t know how to feel about them. What amuses me - sellers who are willing to do work for cheap people with crazy demands.

The day before I saw a guy requesting a super complex artwork for his album cover art, at the end stating - "the artwork should look like it’s 1 million dollar artwork" and the listed budget was 5$.

I lol a lot and at the same time I feel bad for all our brothers and sisters willing to go hundred extra miles to please crazy people. But maybe it’s just me. Anyone else stumbled upon crazy buyer requests?


I see them in my category to. A buyer who wants 20,000 words edited for $5 and they have 26 offers! :rofl:

However, just because the payment amount is low it has not stopped me from making an offer for my regular prices. :slightly_smiling_face:

I found one of my regular long time buyers that way. :wink:

He wanted unlimited revisions. I told him I only gave one and my buyers rarely asked for any. He found out I was not lying. Good service has its rewards.


It is the one place where people can express their wishful delusions. If someone decides to accept it they are probably an equal match for those delusions. In other words it will be a match of a reality slap for both people.


Nah, they do that in messages too sometimes. :wink:


The buyer request section always has something to lol about. :rofl:

It’s the best place to visit to fill up on your daily dose of laughter!


Yes I just had that happen where I delivered an order and the person expressed he assumed I did about twelve totally different orders in his one low priced order.

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Here’s another one for you @vickiespencer that apeared on BR last Saturday. It includes Terms & Conditions :joy:

Budget: $5
Duration: 24 hours
Offers: 25

“I’m looking for an experienced proofeditor to proof-read and to edit my 7100 words eBook. My budget is $5USD. To apply, please send me your previous work samples — preferably with a “before editing” and “after editing” — or a document with “tracked changes” turned on, so I can evaluate your editing skills before hiring you. Thank you.”

P.S.: Also for you @hanshuber16 :sweat_smile:


He should be banned just for this. The last thing the world needs is more Iggy Azalea music. :unamused:


It’s so disturbing how exploitative so many buyers are in those Requests.

And no doubt he’ll want lots of revisions, expect things to go viral, etc.


This buyer needs to get over themselves! Yikes.

Sounds like the buyer thinks this gig is a huge gift and privilege. Nope!


PayPal chargeback if all 15 songs don’t go platinum. :crazy_face:


Hahahaha good one. I would not be surprised at all!


I LOLed so hard at the “to apply please send me your previous work samples” and “so I can evaluate your editing skills before hiring you” parts.


Indeed, that was the best part :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s exactly as humanissocial said. Their descriptions are always structured so arrogant. Like it’s a goddamn privilege to work for their super demanding 5$ gig. They want free samples, they want to evaluate your skills and check your previous work, they want the work to be of great quality. FOR SURE! Like, who wouldn’t want to put so much effort for your 5$? THEY’RE GIVING US SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY! :smiley:

Jokes aside, I really hope that more sellers start to value their own time and work. I remember when I started, a guy wanted me to do cartoon portraits of him and 9 of his friends. Ten full body cartoon portraits, described a pretty detailed background, 4 of the guys sitting on the car etc. I told him that this is 30 hours + work for me and I created a custom offer for 200$, to which he responded that his budget is 10$, but that I should accept as I’m new and his review will help me. Yeah, good luck with that, buddy! They act as if they help us… Next day I got 3 orders from good and appreciative buyers.

And yes, as misscrystal stated, the “super demanding” buyers will probably get their work done shitty for being cheap. Sellers and buyers in a bad light. The bad thing is that in a way the whole platform may suffer from that eventually.


How dared you !!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face:


Such a great deal. The guy probably didn’t need the artwork in the first place. I’m sure that he just wanted to help me! :sweat_smile:


Haha I’ve seen that request, and other 100 like that lol. At first, I was getting mad at these kind of requests, now I just ignore them with a ,another one" grin on my face. There’s no hope, I send offers with the price that I consider it’s worthy for the quality that I provide, of course nothing happens or I might get some idiots who take offense in pricing so high, I price what I consider the price should be for what you’re asking. And what’s sad is that they actually do get 10-20 offers for that kind of money.

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I had order for 5 usd to edit professional music video, to get his needs would take 5h , plus cant even synchronise the vocals to beat, so extra 5h work. :smiley:

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Right? All their prerequisites alone are at least $40 worth of work… And then the job itself also pays pennies.

But they want the sellers to go through all of these hoops like it’s some sort of privilege.

If you did the work they’d probably do a chargeback when it doesn’t hit the Top 40. :rofl::rofl::rofl: