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15 songs for 15$? Buyer request section lol

It gets better, there’s a request now where all you have to do is create 100 original samples all to his specifications and you get a whole $10.

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Lol. Today I stumbled upon another great one:

"Need a pro that can make me a great music single cover art thanks I need something unique I don’t just need ANY cover art I need it unique and I would like to get a sample before I pay so if you can’t give me a sample please don’t reply thanks. "

(Budget: 8$ / Offers Sent: 28)

Need a pro / I need something unique / I dont just need ANY cover art / If you can’t give me sample don’t reply / budget 8$ :cry: :man_facepalming:



How can someone think to get professional work for 5$ for me is a mystery and I’m shocked on how many offers this kind of request gets.


Don’t know what’s wrong with buyers… most of the time buyer requests are crazy and in just 5 or 10$ they expect us to have 4-5 hours work… totally injustice and on top of that they would write like dont send me higher budget, I will remove your offer… I usually don’t take those buyers seriously but I see many new sellers still trying to get the work in that budget and then the client ended up paying more to clean up the mess and contact with experienced seller :joy: and there we (who values their work) comes in :sunglasses:

Same. I’ve responded to a total of 8 BRs. Usually, if they have like a $50 budget to “write their memoir” or “write a 100 page e-book” I avoid them. People who aren’t willing to pay sellers even a fraction of what they’re worth are quite cheap and tend to be problem buyers and exploitative.


Oh no there’s another one. Their offer is $250, good right? Until you see what they want for it.

48 songs. 4 minutes each.

That works out $1.30 for every minute of music you create.

To make the gig $10 an hour you would have to create a full original track every 30 minutes.


That’s around 4$ per song after Fiverr’s deduction! Such a great deal :joy:

Reminds me of a time, when I was trying to sell my one year old bike for 300 euros, and buyer sent me an offer of 15 euros and said this is a great offer, don’t miss this opportunity to make good money!

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One of the best thing I ever learned about sales is that the buyer isn’t doing the salesperson a favour. It’s very much the reverse.

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