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150+ impressions in one week,is that okay?


I’ve been here for a week now,although I’ve got no orders,I have got almost 150 plus impressions in each of my gigs,would be happy if someone tells if that is satisfactory or not.


I would use the word “satisfactory” when I get an order though…
If I get +5K impressions and no orders, I will be worried
150 should already ring you a bell, and try to check your Gigs if you can improve them…


Would be nice of you if you could check my gigs and point out some mistakes if I’ve made.:slight_smile:


Honest and “in my opinion” review:

Try looking for your Gigs in the search engine.
Check how it looks like, among all other Gigs that offer the same service as yours.
Ask yourself:
If I would be a buyer would I click on my Gigs?
Is my Gig catching the attention of potential buyers?

To me they look standard.
Not bad, not excellent…

Going out from the standards is what will make buyers click and at least take a look…


Hi, I’m a new seller too. Add more revisions.:slight_smile:


thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

I’ll revise every gig images now.