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150 MB Delivery limit?

Ok, so we are in 2017… right are we?

People are looking for the 4K outcome. Vloggers, YouTubers, everyone is looking for high-quality content. I guess that is the reason why people hire us (freelancers. But one thing I must say, Fiverr, I guess lives still in the Standard Definition era. That is the main reason why Fiverr limits us to give people either-
Low-Resolution Video (As I am a video editor)
** or, Highly compress the video file**.

Now there are 2 problems with both of the two ways…

If you give your customer Low-Resolution Video they will not be satisfied.

And if I compress the Video to fit in the 150MB range. It will look crapy and if my client uploads it to YouTube or other online video platforms…it will look like a piece of garbage, as the platform will compress them again.

This is a very bad problem, Fiverr needs to update. At least 1GB is right for the kind of work we are doing here on Fiverr.

I suggest people vote for expanding the Uploading Limit.


You can upload your video on any cloud website and just paste the download link for your client.


Is that good with Fiverr policy?

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Customer Support usually recommends uploading to DropBox and sending the link to the buyer. Just make sure that you don’t send any personal contact information.


Alternatively you can utilize:

Since dropbox free account has a limitation of 2gb.


Is it safe to use Onedrive?

I mainly use Onedrive from microsoft.

Check with the Customer Support. Don’t rely on sellers’ advise in this matter. Don’t take chances with your account.

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You can use a Dropbox account or Google driver for delivery.

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Are you sure WeTransfer is allowed since it transfers between email addresses and isn’t exchanging email addresses normally not allowed - or is this one of the cases where it is allowed (even though other sites like dropbox don’t require you to exchange email addresses)? But surely most of the time files will be under 2 GB. Also, according to the forum we probably aren’t supposed to use other sites like dropbox/WeTransfer etc unless permission is granted by CS for each order.

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You utilize wetransfer to obtain the link for the shared file by emailing it to yourself. So you DO NOT need to share email address but only the link.

OP’s question was in relation to 4K files which can easily reach 2GB plus and unless you have a paid Dropbox you cannot use it.

So until Fiverr bumps the upload limit these are the solutions available.

Nevertheless, if ever in doubt, contact Customer Support.


Most time i used Dropbox And Google Drive
But Please First contact with CS
And then use both of them if they allow :slight_smile:

All I we where wondering. We also use wetransfer. Thank you.

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