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1500$ in 1 year


hello friends, I earn 1500$ in 1 year it’s good or bed?


Only you can answer that.

If it’s part of a plan where you have money coming in from different sources, maybe it can be great. If not, maybe you should check out Fiverr’s different guides to help you improve your gigs and your marketing so you can make more money!

Here’s a Forum post that might be helpful:


Good Hope will more earn next year


Depends on your goal. If your goal is making $5 a day, you’d make $1,800 in a year.

My goal is $50 a day or $18,000 a year. Last year I met my goal, but I’m not happy. I was expecting a lot more.

I’m grateful for what I made though.

Just remember, the gig economy is unreliable, for most it won’t be a full-time job. I’d be better if you learn a useful skill, like being a butcher, baker, or studying something useful in college.


In some countries it might be good. In others not good.

If you do it full time and nothing else at all, not good. But if that’s all you need to survive then it’s good.

If you are used to earning more, or used to working full time on the internet probably not good. If it is your first time as a freelancer, or internet seller, then good.


Like @fastcopywriter said, it depends on your goals and gigs you are selling. In my country what I make is very good but it might not be enough in some countries. But what you are making is a good start. I remember working for 3 days (My first buyer was not very good) to earn my first $5.


Its depends on you. If you can full fill all your requirements with this, and also you are happy with what you have earned … then its good for you! :grinning:

If you can not full fill your requirements and you feel as not enough, and also you feel sad/bad from this… then it is bad for you.:joy:

We are 3rd Persons to decide what is good/bad for you.

We can see in the real live even some billionaires are not satisfied with what they have but some shift time employees / Labour’s were satisfied with what they have and enjoying happy life.

Moral is how much is your earning is not a problem at all… but if you are not Happy/Satisfied then you have to think about it! Happiness and Satisfaction were more worth then $$ … there for always be happy with what you have! :smile:


Agree with everyone above. Case in point, I recently reached $1,000 after starting Fiverr in June. I’m happy with that because 1) I’m not a full-time seller, so this isn’t my main focus 2) I don’t work nearly as much when school is in session, so this is only a side hustle for when I’m actually free.

If I were actually full-time on Fiverr and only made that much in a whole year, that wouldn’t be good. It’s nowhere near enough for living costs in the States. Because it’s a side hustle, I take what I can get :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone I not happy with earn but I think it’s my bonus because it’s my part time job. But I want to earn more. :blush:

Thanks guys


Some of your gigs are too specific (autocad for example) while others are too common (photoshop editing).

If I were you, I’d try to find a gig that’s someone between those too. Not too specific, not too general. Ask yourself, “what do people need?” and “what can I do?” Then you’ll find the answer.

Also, look for other ways of making money online. If you find any, let us know.


i think it’s good in one year


Depends on your goal


You alone can answer that, I joined September 12 in tough writing niche, I have made $900+ so far. You can make more, veteran Fiverr user who makes this amount in weeks.


congratulation …:star_struck: