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157 buyer request replied but still i didn't get any order

please any one can help me? I already 157 buyer request replied but still, I didn’t get any order.
where is my problem? On my gig description or request-reply is not attractive? any friend facing this kind of issue


Yes appears u r user in

U can also help me mutal helping


same problem bro :frowning:


Try To Understand Buyer Requirement Than Are You Think Its Perfect For You Than Send Him Request. Don’t Send Same Message Every Time

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Active online maximum time and promote your gig on social media,hope you get your job. :slightly_smiling_face:


same problem here. how we get solution?

You need stop and take an honest look at how you are communicating with buyers. Something clearly isn’t working for you.

Are you sending generic responses that most buyers won’t even read to the end?

Are you sending silly statements like “I am the best” - or are you specifically responding to what the buyer needs like “I can confirm I am experienced with data entry, and I will be able to complete your job of inputting 800 email addresses into a spreadsheet within 48 hours for $10”?

Is your English letting you down? If so, why not try a tool such as Google Translate? Personally I don’t like these tools, but in some cases they are better than nothing.

And remember, it is far better to send say two targeted responses than 10 generic responses.


thanks bro for your nice advice…

Thanks for you advice