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16 order completed in a short-time!


I worked at upwork from last year and completed only 10 jobs at this 1 year…
But I’m working at Fiverr from last 1 month and completed 16 orders and interviewed 30 clients without any bidding.

It’s seems a dream to me !!!

Without bidding HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE ??

Every fine morning, I open my eye’s and get new notifications…That’s why I love Fiverr!


It is amazing the difference. It is called “Service Productization”.

I can provide a video on Fiverr for $50.00. That same video will cost me $300.00 to offer on a bid site and I won’t make any more money because of the time that it takes to bid and win contracts. I would also rather make videos than work on bid proposals. :frowning:

You and I will probably stay away from buyers requests because it looks way too familiar. :slight_smile:

I kinda disagree. I like this method much more (having a storefront instead of having to apply to jobs), but I think buyer requests can offer amazing value, and I think they are quite different from other freelance sites like upwork, even though you have to make a pitch in both. The big difference is that you can just point the client to the storefront, instead of having to pitch from 0 and, more importantly, the workflow philosophy - there are no time trackers, no milestones, nothing - the client orders, the client gets the product, and that’s it - and this applies to buyer requests as well. Much more efficient and streamlined than any other freelance website I worked for. Also, from my experience, much easier to win bids. Much, much easier.

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Wow this is awesome.
Congratulations.keep working like this.
Good luck


Congratulation ! Hope it will continue long!

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congratulations. keep working like this and Good luck

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We all know fiverr is awesome!


@lipuhabiba Congratulations dear…