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16 steps to be successful on Fiverr

I saw many posts on Forum related to not getting orders on Fiverr. So I spent 30 mins to write this, sharing my experience.

Follow these steps :

  1. Use SEO keywords on your new Gig title. (Use Fiverr Search bar to get the idea of the keyword)
  2. Make sure to choose the right category for the Gig.
  3. Write the professional description and explain everything related to your service. (Include some extra free service in the beginning)
  4. Start at the lowest price. (in the next level you can increase the price).
  5. Create the most attractive Thumbnail image for your gig. (Your Thumbnail should explain the quality of your service).
  6. Please create only one Gig if you are new to Fiverr. (Don’t try to provide multiple services).
  7. After Publishing the Gig your focus should be on marketing your gig.
  8. Use your professional profile picture. (Don’t take selfies with filters)
  9. Now start sharing your Gig on Social sites, Social groups, Blogs, Forums. (Most important view on your Gig).
  10. You may get 1 - 3 orders in the first month. but don’t be disappointed. Your main focus should be on impressions, views, clicks.
  11. If you get any order you need to do everything possible to make happy and fully satisfy the buyer, because you need 5.0 rating until you reach level 1(Mentions You cannot ask for rating to the buyer).
  12. If the buyer is happy with your service he will return to you for more work. (better to get high rating to the returning buyer)
  13. If you are sincere and honest with your work the success is must yours.
  14. If you maintain the high rating and response time (conversation does matter) You can reach easily to level 2.
  15. At level 2 you will get 5-12 orders in week depend on Service you provide.
  16. Must read Fiverr TOS.

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Thank you! Happy Freelancing :slight_smile:


Thank you, Great tips:)

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Many Many thanks for the tips

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