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16 years old account verification

Hello everyone! I’m a seller on Fiverr and I’m a bit afraid that Fiverr will ask me for an account verification. The problem is that I’m 16 years old. I do have an ID card and want to ask if my account will be verified in this way. And the second issue is withdrawals. As far as I know I can’t use PayPal and Payoneer if I’m under 18. Can anyone please answer me to these two questions:

  1. Can I verify my account if I do have an ID card and I’m 16 years old?
  2. How can I withdraw if I’m under 18?
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If you’re 16… who is the guy in your avatar? Does he know you’re using his photo? (as there’s NO WAY that guy is 16…)

Yeah it’s not my avatar😅 But can you answer on my questions please?

You can try, if your ID card has your photo on it. If that doesn’t work, you can try getting a passport.

If your parents (legal guardians, older siblings, older relatives…) don’t have Fiverr accounts, you can try using their PayPal or Payoneer account (with their permission, of course). It might be a good idea to ask Customer Support for advice.

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  1. Use your ID Card to verify. As long as it’s current, you’re fine.
  2. You can get a Paypal before you turn 18 if your parents sign for it.