160+ reviews. Still stuck on getting orders


HI guys,
This is sk_moni. I am a level two seller with 160+ positive reviews.
But still I’m stuck on getting orders. I don’t know why it’s happening.
I’m loosing my hope and faith on my now.
Can anybody tell me that keeps my gigs on the top and give me orders.
Or anybody have any idea???



Can you link to the gig you are having trouble with?


Actually I have 6 gigs. Which one should I attach??


Here it is


Thank you @somaginer1996
Actually I am new on Fiverr forum.


That’s fine! Quick tip: if you want someone’s profile, all you need to do is type fiverr.com/Username into the address bar.


If there is one gig in particular you want to highlight, you might think about doing a video for it on the main page. Showing how the gig works, or showing one that you’ve finished. You could use captions or evn have one of us lovely Fiverr VO folks narrate it for you :slight_smile: But in terms of SEO words, your gigs all look good. There are a couple of grammatical mistakes, but I don’t think that affects conversions at all. Hope that helps!




Ah I see @somaginer1996 Thanks for that tip.
Can you tell me how to jump up my gig impressions? my gig impressions getting low day by day.
Do you have any tips for that.
Also the order getting very low basis. I got 5 order from last month


I’d be the wrong person to ask, as I’m only a rather casual part-time Fiverr seller who ends up having to turn down orders for school :joy:


1.stay online as possible
2.share your gig everyday
3.send buyer request


Thanks a lot for you helpful tips @lngoode
I’ll keep it in my mind


hahaha I got this @somaginer1996


Thanks brother @sajedulshawon1


There should be a lot of task for wordpress expert, as its gaining popularity day by day. I have a friend who couldnt even sleep :joy::joy: i believe you will get more order soon


Hy, am cultural by nick, I just open fiverr account and new at selling. I made my first sale getting a review of 4.4…so I couldn’t bid for any other job…please do well to offer me some help…looking forward to seeing replies