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161 offers sent, no order!

Hi! It’s been 18 days and I accepted 161 offers till now, but neither I received any orders nor did the buyers conversed with me for orders. I am trying to improve my gigs, but I cannot see any changes. Can anyone suggest me what to do?


Hi there…,
Your profile description is not professional…,
“Call me weird …?”
Who want to work with weirdo? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Second…, Proofread Gigs…,
For someone who offer this service…, you got many error? addtional space…
“Fixing spellings” bullet point is mess up.


You are offering to translate documents from any language? What? HOW??? That is not possible, and I assume that this could be one of the reasons why buyers do not find you reliable enough to order from you.

There is also a mistake in the headline of your proofreading gig. Maybe you should proofread that first.

Maybe there is also something wrong with the proposals you send as a response to Buyer Requests. They need to be tailored to every individual customer.


If your gig impression is good and the click view is good, then you know you have something wrong with your gig. Then fix these. And if the click view doesn’t come, then you think you are doing some spam. The buyer request is not being written by you. You are probably sending everyone where you send more requests. You will see the request a little less. And refrain from seller and fake buyer requests. Remember you will only have ten requests.


Your " Description " and your gig has a lot of problems , that makes you looks like " just stay on fiverr for fun " , you have to take it seriously because it’s real work and business .

No one can do work as " I will translate your documents from any language " , so you plan to use Online translation software to work for buyers ??


No, it does not sound legit. You are not allowed to communicate outside of Fiverr. Read the Terms of Service you agreed to when signing up here:

Please make your own topic next time you need help. It is not polite to hijack another user’s topic.


Thank you so much for identifying what is wrong with my gig. I am working on it.

Thank you for letting me know the wrongs I made. I am making changes to it.


Who wants to work with a weirdo? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I also face same problem

I made changes to the flaws all of you have identified, can you please check if it is accurate or did I rehearsed the same mistakes. Thanks a lot!

It looks much better, but there are still a few grammar and punctuation errors in the translation gig. Maybe Grammarly can help you with those. Also, I suggest you make your packages more clear. For example, which package should you order if you have between 5001 and 9999 words?

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