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17 days for your money to clear

Once someone buys from you and then when you deliver their order, it takes an additional 3 days for the money to clear as pending, unless they leave you feedback, then its cleared as pending straight away.

Then, you need to wait another 17 days for your money to clear on your account, before you can withdraw. I think once they leave you positive feedback, then the money should be available to withdraw straight away, or at least cut the 17 day pending down to half.

I know that the 17 day thing is there in case someone wants a refund, but why would anyone want a refund if they’ve already left you positive feedback? and 17 days is too long anyway, at least half of that is ok.

Oh I see, boy this isn’t funny though that buyers would do something like that. I think Fiverr needs to up their game to check who these buyers really are before they can make a purchase or not, even though it might be time consuming to do so but its better to do this than to have lets say buyer who stole a card to do some malicious thing on the site such as even creating a virus.

it is 14 days after order is completed… I just checked it just to be sure…

Order was completed 14 May, and it will be cleared 28 May.

My mistake, 14 days. Even 14 days (2 weeks) is still too long. They should cut that down to 3 days just like they do for when you deliver their order.

Better if the money clears straight away once they leave positive feedback

I’m asking for Fiverr to please consider this.

Most likely, it has to do with their bank’s process in handling chargebacks (I used to work in banking). And yes, people will chargeback for lots of reasons. I probably heard them all when I worked disputes. :slight_smile:

Yep, thought so. Looking at Buyer TOS. Buyers have 13 days to be able to cancel an order (get a refund) and after that, nada.

"Order cancellations (when eligible) can be performed by Customer Support only up to a period of 13 days from order completion date. We will not cancel orders after that time."

That allows Fiverr to go “No, we’re not giving Billy Bob his money back” if he comes back later to dispute the charge.

So day 13 passes, we get our money on day 14 with no worries that it will be claimed back and Fiverr giving us a negative Fiverr balance or attempting to charge Paypal.

I honestly think this is a little long, especially for new sellers who don’t have a constant paycheck. Why should there a 14 day policy once the buyer has out a review?

This is the part I don’t get.

marcyd1080 said: I know that the 17 day thing is there in case someone wants a refund, but why would anyone want a refund if they've already left you positive feedback?

The main reason I have seen for this is when the buyer was already doing something corrupt to get the best bargain possible. Buyers using a stolen credit card or hacked PayPal account may leave a super-feedback and in doing so try to squeeze more out of the seller. They might ask for further revisions after completion or place a second order while you think they are a great buyer. If they can get what they want in a few days before their mis-deeds are caught, the seller is out (positive feedback or not) and the buyer is gone.

Reply to @madmoo: well, yes, that can happen and happens in real business when you work for yourself as well if a customer ever filed a dispute with their credit card company. It would be the same thing with or without using Fiverr.