17 days in Fiverr, 17 orders created. Is good?


Hi guys, i’m here from 1 days and i have received 17 orders! I think that it’s good but i don’t have a comparison,and i don’t know how can i get more orders!

Advices, tips?

Maybe i have to do new gigs?


That’s really good, I got my first order 2 weeks after I joined. :stuck_out_tongue:




hi guy am really happy for you. kindly give me some advice on how and what to do to make my first sell. thanks


of course this a awesome, did you advertise for your gig outside fiverr or not ?


Reply to @colsontant: I don’t know man :frowning: i’m looking too for tips because i don’t know i can improve my sales :smiley: !


no i didn’t advertise out Fiverr!


Reply to @giovannitamponi: well that’s great :smiley:


I’m looking at the next Fiverr’s rising star here… 17 sales in your first 17 days? It is more than awesome! Don’t look for further improvements, your start is really great. Just have patience and in couple months you’ll be needed to extend the delivery time. Just have patience and you’ll see…

My first 17-20 sales were made after in about 2 months. Of course, it’s another niche, where the competition is much bigger.


Damn, thanks guys!!! I thought it was not so good, happy to hear it :smiley: !!!


@giovannitamponi 17 sales in the infant stages, that’s awesome! Always over deliver and you should be fine. good luck!