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1700 Reviews! Time to Celebrate! Oh. It's a 1-Star Review


“Unacceptable experience”, apparently. The strangest thing is that this buyer didn’t hit the modification button, nor did he say anything. He just whacked that button.

It’s odd. Anyway, this is my first bad review since the new feedback system is in place. I’m just… what? It’s on time, there were no communication issues, the work was to my usual standards and… ?


Has anyone else had that? Like, I don’t get it at all. The behavior’s weird. I’m not even mad about the review, I’m just confused right now.


Well, the review modification center is interesting. First time I’ve looked at it. I still can’t figure out what went wrong. 1-star reviews are normally very antagonistic and shouty insults. This is just like a stealth bomb.

Oh well. Will see if this can be scrubbed (doubt it) and leverage Imgur. Incidentally, is it just me or can you not find buyer reviews on Google anymore? If you can, then that just makes this even more weird and ninja star assassination-y.

I am now grumpy because a milestone review is weird and shit.




You are allowed to message him and ask politely if there was anything wrong that you could fix.
You don’t need the resolution button for this.
I don’t know if reviews on Google still can be found but this is strange indeed.

Was it a $5 order? Did he say anything when he placed the order? What was it for?


Nah, $30. Like if it was $5/10, I’d be like, huh, OK. But this is just weird.

I’ve sent a polite message to his inbox and decided to roadtest the resolution center anyway. I’ll write to CS tomorrow. I’m OK if this sits on my profile. I only have 7 (now 8…) negative reviews (most of which are cancelled orders due to being sick and people being unreasonable) and my score’s not affected.

I mean, something’s off here. All I can do is highlight that in my own review. BTW, what happened with yours in the end?


I’ve tried a few other buyer names in Google looking for reviews and I’m not getting anything–only reviews that are currently visible on my (and other seller’s) current profile page. Does this mean that buyer reviews have been uh, deindexed from the robots or whatever the techspeak is for that?

NB: I am not trying particularly hard at this. I am aware of the arguments for not making buyer reviews public, but still. It’s a feature on all the other freelancing platforms, and if you now cannot find buyer reviews indexed on Google, then it suggests that a code monkey at HQ has done wizard tech stuff. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, though. I feel that this assessment is several miles wide of the mark…


This is one badge I don’t care for much!


If there is dynamic content, (like ever updating twitter feed) the search engines tend not to index it. The Fiverr buyer comments section keeps updating so the search engines do not associate the static page with the keywords in the dynamic content since it is assumed that the site owner wants to imply that the relevance of the content is time-sensitive and its value deprecates with respect to time and availability of fresh(er) content.

You will pretty much never have to worry about bad reviews being showing up when you search your profile. Your static page has a higher rank than the dynamic comments. The faster your buyer feedback section updates, the less relevance it has to the search engines.


That makes sense. I just mentioned it as searches I’d done in the past (that I knew returned results) weren’t, and this trick hasn’t worked for a while. I’m not really pointing at a great conspiracy here–other people will do that more amusingly–but more or less wondering if other people know of it and how to get around it! Not that I ever make the effort until things go south, lol. I’m pleased I can see where I “fail” with more responsive buyers now. Turns out some people want daily valet service or something. All those 4.7 reviews? One star docked on my comms. The reviews glow. It’s like… OK. I’ll be brutally honest too, then. Cheep cheep!

EDIT: yeah, I know that sounds unbearably petty. But that’s my reaction to pettiness


You can still search for buyer comments on Fiverr but the old Google advanced search tricks have changed. I’m too lazy to find it right now, but if you enter a buyer name and narrow the search to the domain, you’ll get some hits if the text has been up long enough. You may not see every one, but this works up to a point.


I’m not sure why they would bother doing that.
I think it would be great to be able to see ALL the reviews anyone has left for sellers so we can see if there is an abuser of the review process who makes a habit of giving bad reviews.


That could be rating your order via the app, as happened to @misscrystal. It happened to me too, a glowing review, the buyer is very happy, places a new order immediately, and the review is 4.7 stars with 4 stars for communication.


This is helpful to know, thanks. (btw this entire thread had disappeared so I’m glad to see it’s back.)


You can perform a Google search like:

So in the search box enter



Perhaps it had been sent out for dry cleaning. I see now that @ozzieuk has provided the search method I couldn’t recall. (Thanks Wayne.)


Oh that sucks @emmaki :frowning: I’ve just checked out your gigs and they look really awesome!

I’m just wondering do you do email newsletters? I really need to at some stage set up some newsletter series for all my websites. On my very long list of things to get to LOL


Well, no response from the buyer. I’m the one with appalling communication? lol.

@ozzieuk, thanks for that, though no dice. Seems odd that someone who has been on the site for almost 5 years would have such a ghost-like presence, but nvm.

Customer Support has been contacted. As I’ve already used the resolution center, I was told to contact them in 24 hours if there’s no response, so we’ll see how that pans out. I’m guessing they will prod the buyer to do something. I know that sometimes the other party is more receptive to telling CS whatever the issue is instead of, you know, me, and they do relay the message on. Something to look forward to! :unamused:

@lynnehuysamen, it’s not a specialty of mine, but feel welcome to discuss details in my inbox if you want (it sounds more like an autoresponder series than a newsletter to me?). I get you on the teetering to-do list. Sometimes mine feels like it’s about to fall over and crush me!


Oh, Emma, I feel your pain! But don’t fret. One bad apple doesn’t spoil a bushel of perfect ones. Buyers are aware there are malcontents in cyberspace too, and if they don’t, then the hell with them!


What if they are ZOMBIE apples! :astonished:


Yeah @emmaki honestly my to-do list gets longer all the time no matter how hard I hit it. Yes an autoresponder series. I have had that on my to-do list for about 2 years. Maybe I should just not bother LOL.