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183 days waiting for order requirements

And they keep passing… nudged months ago, messaged months ago. I could start the order without requirements but what should I do as I have no details about what to do? :sweat_smile:

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Just leave it to sit - please don’t cancel it.

Just look at it and feel,
keep alive the zeal.
Hope the order start,
So does the counter.


If you cancel it, then your stats will be effected. :confused:

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Already been through that two times in other situations, once for a wrong custom offer and another time because the buyer realized I couldn’t complete an order due to a technical reason we both weren’t aware of.

I’m starting to get worried about the guy though :sweat_smile:
I even put a not on the order “Ages passed but no voice from though man”

Mod Note: Joke removed for safety - some users in this thread may not be wearing hardhats.

Not sure if it’s worth a possible bad review. Also not sure if it’s legit


You seem to be giving out poor advice to other sellers here on the Forum. Why would you advise anyone to do something so obviously against TOS and tell them to hope CS does not get involved? I hope :crossed_fingers:t2: you were joking :upside_down_face:.


It’s not - it would be against the ToS.

Please just leave it where it is.


Looking forward to get a fiverr world record for order details waiting :v:t2:


I was joking really sorry guys.

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Joking can be okay but you have to be really careful when you joke in a thread where advice is being given. You might be surprised at how many people would think your idea was ok just because you are a experienced/leveled seller. Might be a good idea to joke in a game thread or a Conversations thread or to make your own thread in Conversations. :thought_balloon: :slight_smile: