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19 Years old and Made $30k on Fiverr!

That is so true. So many are jealous of others for the car they drive or the clothes they wear, yet I guarantee them that if they rented a Lamborghini for a day and drove in a popular neighborhood, nobody would care. In fact, some people might laugh and suspect the person is a d-bag trying to impress the ladies.

Real confidence doesn’t come from the things we buy but the things we do. Impressing others is not in my list of things I want to do. Ironically, a lot of millennials have a great desire for fame, many don’t care how they get it, they don’t have a particular talent like PewDiePie or Justin Bieber, but they wish to be celebrities.

Congratulations! That is fantastic. Thank you for sharing the story of your success on Fiverr!

That’s really inspiring!

Congrats! So cool to hear stories of people who work hard and are successful. I might need to order one of your gigs, too, looking at them!


Congratulations!!! not bad for a 19 year old

your gig says you only made 90 Reviews

Wow Congrats brother :slight_smile:

Its cool bro.
I celebrate you…acentius

Cricket is cute lol

Wow! What an achievement! You did it in such a young age. Keep rocking :slight_smile:

Quite inspiring…kudos! :+1:

Yes, we learn from her.

Thanks. Success come when got patient and Unlimited try Hard work. Fail ,fail and try ,try then get Success and Life totally Change. :slight_smile:

That’s really awesome. I joined Fiverr months before and I have become Level seller 1 and I have long way to go. Thank you for sharing your story.

Congratulations! To graduate debt free and pay for your car in cash is huge! I applaud your work ethic. As a teacher, this is just a really great thing to read.

I have started working from 2 months. The days are going quite well. But I do not know how can I be that much richer :stuck_out_tongue:

The days are going quite well. But I do not know how can I be that much richer :stuck_out_tongue:

your comments are cute!

Aw thanks!