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1906 and Counting

Hello good people of Fiverr,

Today i am here just to share something.

Alhamdullah, We are reaching our 2000th order soon :slight_smile:

This is not to showoff or something. Just wanted to share this with Fiverr community for motivation :slight_smile:

You are more then welcome to do some constructive criticism on our Gigs :slight_smile:

So with this article I will like to request to everyone to play a game! everyone who reads this article to give only 1 Critique about FoxSquare Gig and comment. and the next person will Critique 1 thing about the Gigs of Person above in the comment and FoxSquare :slight_smile:

Sounds cool right ! :smiley:

Lets do it,


PS: This simple game will make us stronger as a community!

Reply to @kjblynx: Because it was the default first option by fiverr, I changed it to Fiverr Stories now :), Thanks !