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1Gb file sharing max

How come Fiverr only allows you to share up to 1GB for one file?

In video production, this is kinda annoying. I send my files through a sharable link from google drive. 1080p video always kicks sizes up to 1100MB(which is 1.1GB, too big). You can forget about 4k footage.

If Fiverr allowed more storage to be shared, I wouldn’t have to use GDrive, hence saving me time and money.

What are your thoughts? Any Fiverr employees want to chime in on why? So that I can atleast try to understand.

We always try to use Free, allows for up to 50gb transfers via torrent, and it doesn’t need a log-in, just pasting the link in the conversation, therefore not breaking any rules.

Edit - You have a really nice faq section, btw. Rare to notice it, but yours is really fun, honest and inviting, congrats!