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1st Bad Review & I'm glad it happened!

Honestly I knew it would come sooner or later, so I was prepared. When the customer gave me the negative review I can’t say I wasn’t hurt, but I contact the client anyway. Him and I went back and forth for a minute and after we explained ourselves the client realized I was not in the wrong but a simple miscommunication between him & I, he then removed the negative review. I then made sure the client was satisfied with the project & saved the day. All I can say is if you get a negative review explain yourself and listen because you did do something wrong in the clients perception and perception is reality so make them see your side but understand theirs as well.

Or they’re trying to blackmail you into getting something for free. It’s not always an innocent miscommunication.

I’m glad it worked out well for you though.

There are many clients who mark the gig as completed but will not give u feedback. they are very dangerous. these have intentions from the start only that in future if they want any changes from the seller they can go and tell the seller to make the changes or anything of that sort. if the seller ask for the gig they will leave a negative feedback. fiverr should also show the negative feedback given to buyer… or there must be a facility to block a particular buyer from buying the gigs.

I’ve never had that happen… I will keep my eyes open for that, once the gig is marked as complete I thought that was it no more reviews…