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1st Buyer request after 9 months! Feel like something good is waiting for me

I thought that maybe I should leave Fiverr. But, I kept patience. I eventually updated my gigs & finally today got to see the face of a buyer request.

Is this a possibility of getting orders or something?

Everyone please pray for me! So that I can keep this patience right until the end.


In my experience on Fiverr, the flow of work is sometimes good and sometimes I don’t get ANY orders at all. I also do not promote my gig on social media, so a big part of it comes down to marketing. But I don’t want to be flooded with work either or turn customers away, so this method works for me in particular. But, what I have noticed is that whenever I get one order… another follows. It seems that I either have a ton of work that I’m almost too flooded and to my max in the ordering limit I set OR I have zero orders, zero messages. So, what I believe happens (it may not but I tell myself this) after someone orders, your gig is moved up on the viewing list and is then easier to be seen. Because it seems like when I haven’t gotten an order in awhile, it’s almost like I get lost on the page and forgotten.

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