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1st custie but no feedback 😢

After researching, I noticed once a customer’s order is completed they can’t go back and leave feedback or stars. Right? :cry: lol… I was SO excited I finally got my 1st customer but not I still have N/A stars. How are you supposed to insinuate they leave feedback without compromising the TOS and straight up asking?

Thanks for any insight :slight_smile:

PS: she did tip and say she was happy with it, just no feedback. Was it something I did? Should I not click complete at the end?

Hi Jenni,

First up, congrats on getting your first job completed. It’s a milestone, and one you’ll likely always remember.

Regarding feedback - unfortunately, it happens, and there isn’t much you can do about it. To suggest, in any way, that your client leave you a review, could be seen by the Customer Support team as manipulation, and they come down pretty hard on it. Your best bet, as much as it sucks, is to forget about it, and move on. You got a job despite you not having reviews, you’ll get another job despite you not having a review score, and one of your clients will review you. We get reviews from about 3 out of every 4, maybe 5 customers. Once you’ve got that first 5-star, you’ll be well on your way. Plus, you got a tip, so they must have been happy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some people just don’t review. We have a customer who’s been with us from day (almost) one - must have placed 30, 40 orders over the years… never reviews us. Tells us how happy they are with us in messages, and spends their money, sometimes even tips - but never reviews. Some people just don’t, and I try not to worry too much about why that is.

One other thing to point out based on your profile. I see that you’ve not included any audio samples, and are instead encouraging people to check out your website or YouTube for your samples. You need to seriously think about removing any reference to external sites, other than the (very limited) list of allowed ‘portfolio’ sites. YouTube, and your own personal site, wouldn’t be allowed, and could result in you getting your account banned (it would be very easy for someone to approach you outside of Fiverr via those sites, thereby avoiding the commission here).

All the best!


Ok thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile: