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1st deserve then desire

Hi! dear new sellers. Don’t be upset if you are not getting orders. Check your self and find the reasons. Be prepare well yourself to offer your gigs. Be expert in your field and then enjoy it. in start, no matter you will face many problems, but, if you work sincerely, you will have an honourable place in the filed of sellers.
think over it, " Do you deserve? are you well prepared ? Do you know what you offer ?
If your answer is …yes… then you will get orders very soon and your answer is…No… then try make yourself somewhat expert in the field. " Hope you like my words.

Thanks for the motivation. For instant I’ve not gotten any order for 2weeks now.

Excellent motivation for new seller. Thanks for your post.

Hi! Thanks for your words! I have any problems with the rules of the website. Could you help me, please? I can’t understand how it works.

Dear! carry on your try and practice. Same with me, but I’m sure for your hard work and skill will not go in vain, 100% sure.

Thanks Mahboob. I’m 100% confident, make best your skills and then enjoy your orders one after other.

Welcome! no matter. carefully read this forum articles, you will get all things done well. these are the problems of start, later on you will have a facilitated situation. ok

Keep up the good work.

One more tip to add: Do not fake purchases on your own gig. I have seen so many new sellers who have many reviews and purchases from a single buyer. Guess what. They all got suspended. Really not worth it.

Hard work reaps benefits! Great words of motivation, Jeelala. I forgot to put my account on “vacation mode” and came back to my first order being cancelled because I had not checked the site in days. Here’s hoping to many orders for all of us! :slight_smile:

Well! one should be confident of his own skills. thanks

Ya ya! Good days are coming.
Hope is the thing that perches in the soul. I wish you may go on the road of success. Be it so.

agree with you

Shukria Idrees.