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1st February 2020 - FIVERR'S 10th Anniversary - 18 Days to go

Hi All,

1st February 2010 which is the day a new freelance platform (Fiverr) Started it’s journey with few gigs (Services).


1st January 2020 Fiverr is one of the Best and trusted freelance platform and has more than 300 service categories and Millions of gigs. Special thanks to Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger for creating such an amazing freelance platform.

I have joined fiverr in August 2011 and today i can proudly say that i am working with many global clients through fiverr. Fiverr changed many freelancers life. Many bought houses, cars and started their dream businesses with their fiverr freelance revenues.

So The clock is TICKING for Fiverr;s 10th Anniversary… 30 Days to Go…


Really amazing! It is nearly 10th Anniversary. Sure! They did a great job for us by creating a great platform. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Hell All,

Please share your Memorable moments on fiverr.


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Happy new year freelance community

And thank you too for bringing this up for newbies who have no idea that it’s been a decade of a journey for Fiverr. And, the User Interface reminds me of old Twitter rather than an independent platform. :smile:

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Happy 10th anniversary Fiverr. Go ahead with us.

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18 Days to go… Fiverr 10th Anniversary


Thanks for the remind.
I joined fiverr in April 2011 and I proud to said fiverr change my life, allow me work with clients from around the globe, some of them are big corporate / individual. Which is quite impossible in real life.

Wondering will fiverr having a great celebration for it’s 10 anniversary birthday!



I joined fiverr in August 2011. I hope fiverr will have a great celebration.

You were just featured on one of my favourite channel! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m really happy to be a freelancer on fiverr,and thanks fiverr for giving us great opportunity


Woo-Hoo!!! Celebrating my 10th Anniversary on Fiverr!! Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Thanks fiverr!!! :champagne: